Thursday, December 23, 2004

Wrap stars and Poets

Tammy is a wrap star tonight. She is doing Santa's job. The girls are manning the labels. The gifts are piling under the tree. In the middle of all that, there is a flurry of writing going on. I wrote a piece for Tom and Susan. It follows. Chelsea listened to it. She wanted to know how I put all my emotions into a poem like that. It really isn't something that I do consciously. I was teasing her by saying .. "All my feelings in 47 words or less" .. It was really 187 words, but what's a few words between friends.


I cant remember the day
you moved from a stranger
to an acquaintance
I don't know the exact hour
you first made me laugh
and I felt the tender beginnings
of a friendship start

Somewhere along this winding path
you slowly moved
into my circle of friends
And as we traveled
there grew a closeness
that moved you further
into my heart

Slowly and surely
as life unfolded
love began to grow
And you moved past friendship
into that special place
reserved for a few
that held a unique trust

Time passed
as it is want to do
and we grew together
We move together
We moved into one
two lives into one purpose
but today, you moved past us

How do I move you to a memory
How do I release you to your next journey
I want to hold you as you were yesterday
I do not want to move any more
I want to go back

Someday, you will move
You will be my tender memory
Today, you will linger
Enveloped in my heart.

December 23, 2004
For Tom Berryman

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