Thursday, June 28, 2007

Move over, Nelson

There's a new symbol in town.

Move over, Nelson Mandela. After 2 excruciating days of holding all the horrors of her lengthy incarceration inside, Paris Hilton has decided to "break her silence" about her experience.

Yes, Nelson, I know you were imprisoned for 27 years, in which time you saw you wife only three times. I know you were on the run for 17 months in hiding. I know you were captured because the CIA reportedly tipped off ruling government to your whereabouts and disguise. Yes, you were imprisoned on an island prison for eighteen years at hard labor where black prisoners received less rations. Yes, you had a hard time of it, but now PARIS is here.
She had to tell the world of the terror of being strip searched. The horrific 23 days in her tiny cell as compared to her $3million mansion. Amazingly, in her 23 days, she accessed her entire life of luxury and excess and has come to terms with herself.


When will we, as a society, stop empowering these spoiled brats by splashing their every exploit across national TV. I could care less if Paris or Brittney go to a club and show their panties. How many times do we need to see them accidentally showing more than they should before we tire of it? How many new and exciting ways will they find to make sure their pictures are splashed across the tabloids and entertainment magazines?

Color me: Sick of Paris and her ilk.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

returning from out of town

I am back from my Technical Update Training inLouisville, KY. May I say it was a great miserable time. The classes were wonderful. It was great to fellowship with other electricity teachers and pick their brains. It was good to see old friends in Louisville. It was miserable to try to sleep in a bed that is not my waterbed and without my sexy wife for cuddling. I do NOT sleep well the two nights I was in Louisville.

It felt so good to be back home in my bed.

Now, catch up time.

Chas and Chris came by on Sunday to visit for a bit. Ian and Abigail were in great form. Ian was delighted to show us all his new tricks and I was delighted to spray his hair a lovely shade of green (with parents permission, of course.) Here is Ian showing off his muscles:Abigal is getting so big. she is growing muchly. Here she is trying to drink Tammy's Diet Dew:

She is just a darling. she has Tammy wrapped around her fingers already. she is 6 months old.

What a doll !!

Saturday, June 16, 2007


“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in the truth”

What more could a man leave his children?

What riches could a father leave that would mean more than giving his children the basis of faith?

Long before I was aware of concepts of life and death, Dad was preparing for them. He ordered his life so that his life, or his death, would have far reaching effects.

I was completely unprepared for his passing. In my hearts imaginings, I had accepted that there would be a time in my life when I could not pick up the phone and call him for advice, or that I could not drive across town to sit down with him and tell him about my problems. That time was off somewhere in the far reaching future.

Dad used to joke with me, both of us being electricians, he had taught me everything I knew. I used to come back with, “No Dad, you taught me all that you know. The rest of this I learned on my own.” Neither of those was completely accurate. He hadn’t taught me all that I knew, nor had he taught me everything that he knew. What he had taught me was “enough.” The wonder of it all is that even now, he still teaches me more and more every day. His life teaches me as I listen to the stories told by those that knew him. His life continues to teach me as I recall conversations we had, sometimes in complete disagreement.

His death teaches me as well. It speaks more poignantly about the finiteness of life than any of his masterful lessons. Let me assure you fathers out there that no matter what you say to your children, you still hold the place of immortal in their lives. You must consider the words and actions you present to them. Dad did not leave me a vast estate with bulging bank accounts. What he did leave me, were his words and his actions. They were the sometimes-stumbling thoughts of a man keenly aware of his mortality to his son, stricken by the invincibility of his father. He knew what I could not know, and knew he had to prepare me for the time that I did know.

He left me a brilliant legacy. He gave me a radiant testament to faith in God. There is not enough time for me to tell you all the ways he helped shape and mold me. Time will not allow me to extol all his good and generous characteristics. More than a few have told me since his death that they see a lot of him in me. While I am not called to be, nor could I ever be, him, it is an honor to be compared to this tower of love and compassion.

This man you were fortunate enough to call friend or pastor, I was blessed to call Dad. I have never missed him more than I do today and that missing, is an integral part of my blessing. His profound influence on my life will ever be part of my banner, like the mantle of Elijah.

For more reasons than I can count, thank you, Dad.

Happy Fathers Day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

yes, the earth is round

For those of you that thought I had fallen off the edge.

It has been a busy couple weeks. We are trying to close out the school year. I am working for a contractor this week. It is more observation than work, but it is designed to keep me in touch with the craft that I teach. It has been fun so far. I try to go to different type jobs to glean the best information possible. Mike at Thoroughbred Electric is a great guy.

The kids left today for Florida for a month. It is going to be quiet around here. It is ironic. we are looking forward to the quiet, the peace, the lack of messes, etc.. but we miss them already. Reminds me of a little saying I heard years ago.

As a rule, man is a fool.
When it is hot, he wants it cool.
When it is cool, he wants it hot.
Man, generally wants, whatever it is not !

Ah, to be so predictable.

Next week I will be in Louisville. Tammy will be here by herself (well, maybe Sierra will be here, maybe a baby will be here.. who knows ?)

Other than that it has been peaceful. No drama is a good thing.

I'll catch ya up more as it goes.