Saturday, December 25, 2004


Here it is, Christmas Day. The kids got us up early (well .. early for them) so that they could open their gifts. There was a note from Santa to Kyle, thanking him for the cookies. The presents awaited.

Sierra, Chelsea, Kyle, Carol, Tammy, and myself gathered around the tree. The presents were presented and opened. Everyone was delighted. They were all like kids at Christmas, imagine that.

Kyle is the funny one. He knows the significance of Christmas and exactly what it means. He knows why we celebrate. He knows it isn't about gifts, but he does so love that part. The funny part is Santa. Kyle tuned 9 in October, but he doggedly holds to his belief in Santa. I think he knows there really isn't a Santa, but chooses to believe in him anyway. The other kids do their part to help him hold to that belief. I have told him, when he asks (and he does even tho he knows what my answers will be), that I do not believe in Santa. I tell him that if he chooses to believe that is fine as well. He knows that Tammy and I buy him presents. Reconciling that is no more difficult to him than believing in flying reindeer, toys being made by elves at the North Pole, or a jolly fat man in a red suit delivering toys all over the world in one night.

Remember, the magic of Christmas is in the beliefs of a child.

I think we finally relinquish the belief in Santa because of the ridicule from other children. It would be a sad world indeed if we stopped believing an ideal or concept every time it became unpopular. Perhaps it is that we don't stop believing at that moment, but we stop telling others that we believe. Then, eventually, somewhere it slips away.

Why do we perpetuate the myth of Santa in our children? I believe it is because we want to believe again and are willing to do it, even if we can only do it through our children. We have forgotten how to believe. We see it in the light in their eyes as we read them the stories. We see the magic and long to hold it once again.

Merry Christmas, everyone.
Ho Ho Ho

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