Thursday, December 30, 2004

Weekend ?

Tomorrow is a state holiday! Waaahoooo!

Monday is a state holiday as well, but Clark County Schools are in session, so I will be at work, with students, finally. We shall see what Mondays blog will bring.

Today I began working on my advisory council. Joe said I needed at least 5 members, but suggested I get 10, because when time comes for the twice a year meetings, some will not be able to attend. Thus far I have:

Robert .. Asst Business Manager of the IBEW local union #369
Mike .. Supt. for Butcher Electric, Georgetown KY
Larry and Howard .. Owners of Precision Electric, Frankfort KY
Mike .. Owner of IMS, Winchester KY

I have calls into 2 other company owners, a foreman in the field, and a former service manager for a large electrical contractor. I will pull all the strings I can.

I say it is going to be a weekend, but I fully suspect that I am going to be working much of it. While interviewing for this job, Joe wanted to make sure that I understood that there were going to be many hours for which I would not be paid. I firmly believe that there are other compensations which far outshine money. One of those is the look in a kids eyes when he/she finally grasps some concept that has eluded them, and to know your efforts were instrumental in that. You cant buy that with money.

So, a working weekend, it is, but for tonight ... KARAOKE !!!

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