Friday, April 22, 2011

A solid 40

This week I have been fitting into my size 40 waist work pants. They (work) gave me some since my original uniform pants were size 48's. They are pleated and therefore generally fit larger than actual 40's. This was not really an issue, because, when they gave them to me, I couldn't even button them. Now, I can.

This week, the wife went to the thrift stores and got me some jeans (usually more true to size) that were also 40's. I didn't think they would fit.

Well, they did. So, I am now in a solid 40 inch waist jeans.

And ... I am 5 pounds from my goal !!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday morning and a new size !!

This morning, I stepped up to the closet to get my work clothes (Khaki pants and a burgundy collared shirt.) Because of the busy weekend and TJ's recovering from surgery, recently washed clothing did not get into the closet yesterday (my fault.) However, I have several shirts to wear and therefore there were plenty to choose from.

Pants were a different story. There are 5 pairs of pants provided by work hanging in the closet. The problem, however, is that they are the ones we ordered in January. They are waist size 48. I have most recently been wearing 42 waist pants.

Fortunately, kahaki's are abundant is various sizes at local thrift stores. Unfortunantly, I didn't have any of those in the closet in the 42 waist variety. There were a pair there in the 40 waist size. I thought, "What the heck, try them on."

I did.

They fit. They fit well.

They were even a little loose in the waist (the way I like them.) I didn't have to struggle to button them.

High five to me!!

That is a great way to start a work week - fitting into a new (smaller) size.

Friday, April 15, 2011

and the scale moved ...

This morning (not my normal weigh-in day) I stepped on the scale first thing after getting up. My scale (whether it is lying or not, I cannot say) said I had lost 3 more pounds, bringing the loss total to 122 pounds. This is 8 pounds from my goal. This is totally exciting.

Nine months ago, when I began this journey, I didn't see this day. To be perfectly honest, I didn't see me reaching my goal in the year i had planned, but I did see the necessity of setting a long term goal, to keep me motivated. I didn't set an impossible goal. I did set a goal that I felt was obtainable, but still didn't feel I would reach it in the time frame allotted.

However, when I started, the weight came off much more quickly than I imagined.

I am averaging very close to 3 pounds a week, even though there are several weeks where no weight was lost. I did not expect this.

Last week, the scale didn't move.

This week it did.

Of course, nine months ago, I didn't see myself registering for the Bluegrass 10,00 in July, either.

Changes and scale moves ...

Saturday, April 02, 2011

12 to 13 pounds away ..

I am 12 to 13 pounds from my one year goal in under 8 months!

This morning the scale was fluctuating between 232 and 233. It couldn't seem to make up it's mind. Obviously I do not have one of those high tech digital scales. I am strictly old school with my spring and dial scale.

It is the scale I started with, sort of. It only weighs up to 300 pounds. So, until I was under 300 I used the scales at mom's house. Now that I am under 300 (by over 60 pounds) I can use my scales at home.

What else has changed in the last 8 months? I am glad you asked !

Eight months ago I was still unemployed after over 2 years. I must also admit that I was most probably almost unemployable. I was over 350 pounds and walking with a cane. (How unimpressive is that in a job interview?) In out age of discrimination enlightenment, weight is still discriminated against, probably more than we realize.

There are stereotypes about the overweight. Some of them are true about some of the overweight individuals. Yes, some are lazy. Yes, some lack willpower. Yes, some are weak. Yes, some just do not want to lose weight. However, it has been my experience that those same things can be said about any addiction or addicted group. Some fit the stereotype.

So, eight months ago, morbidly obese and out of prospects for work, I changed me.

Today, I am obese. My BMI is 35.3. Eight moths ago it was 53.2. At my heaviest recorded weight (DR visit) it was 55.0.

Eight months ago, I walked with a cane and then only when i deemed walking absolutely necessary.

Today I am working (for 3 months now) on a job where i walk 5 to 7 miles a day. I am working as an electrician at a major university hospital. (University of Kentucky - Go CATS)

Today I eat about 1100 to 1200 calories a day instead of 3500 calories a day.

I walk without pain, mostly. I still have tendonitis in my heel, but back and knee pain is mostly gone.

Today, I don't look at tasks with the same drudgery with which I used to view it.

I get my own stuff.

I walk. A lot.

I can wear a pair of 40inch waist pants. (8 months ago .. 60inch waist)

I wear XL shirts. (8 months ago .. 3X or 4X)

Eight months ago, I thought I could. Today, I know I can.

Come on, last 12 to 13 pounds. I am ready to see you gone.

I am walking .. downhill .. to my goal!