Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The fun is about over.

It seems the fun is about to be over. I am possibly about to become gainfully employed. The Clark County Vocational School wants to hire me to teach Electricity. I have made it through the application process and interview process. I will be taking a state test Friday morning. Depending on the outcome of the test, the State board will approve or disapprove my hiring. Once hired I will have to get an associates degree.

Man ! A regular job type thing. I don't know if I can do that. No working in the rain and snow. No working in the blazing sun. No working 200 feet in the air. Sitting in a classroom. I am going to be teaching guys that are going to work in the rain, snow, blazing sun, 200 feet in the air. Just kidding. I am looking forward to the new job. I only have to pass 2 tests and work on my associates degree.

Simple !

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