Saturday, December 04, 2004

Saturday night at home

I have been fighting a headache for most of the day, so, we decided to stay in for the evening. We did the grocery shopping thing this morning. Then we went let Coco out to potty. Coco is Mom and Dad's teacup poodle. They were in Louisville all day.
We stayed to watch the UK/NC basketball game. UK played well but could not overcome the large deficit they incurred in the early going of the game. They would pull to within 6 points, but then would let NC stretch back out to a 12 point lead. While there, I took a couple extended relief Tylenol tablets for my headache. It helped, but it never really went away. It was in the background.

Sierra decided to watch a movie. She picked "Scent of a woman" with Al Pacino and Chris O'Donnell. It is a great movie. If ya haven't seen it, see it. Pacino was great as Lt. Col. Slade. It is definitely on my recommend list. There are certain movies that I would recommend depending on what one is looking to see. There are different movies that are only good because of their genre. Nightmare on Elm Street isn't a classic, but if you are a horror/slasher movie buff (which I am not) it is a classic.
Some critics slammed "VanHelsing" because of the plot. OK, it was a monster movie. It wasn't "Gone with the wind" but it did not claim to be. It didn't bill itself as a great dialogue movie. It was an action/adventure/monster flick. As one, it was good. It doesn't stack up to classic movies. The best Volkswagon isn't going to stack up well against the best Ferrari. It will stack up against other Volkswagons, though.

"Scent of a woman" is just one of those good all around movies.

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