Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Tuesday runnings

Spent most of Monday in pain and misery. I have a tooth giving me fits. It is making my whole mouth ache. Add to that, that I cut my leg over the weekend and it is looking red, and it is not a good day. I called my DR to see about getting some antibiotics. She wanted to see me and told me to come in at 4PM that day. While there, they cleaned the cut and treated it, gave me a tetanus shot, took blood to check my thyroid, and prescribed me some broad spectrum antibiotics. She was encouraged, she said, because my cholesterol was excellent.

In the middle of all this excitement, my phone was ringing like crazy. Mercedes decided to have 7 pups. Mel and Brenda called as each one was born. It seems most look like Malcolm, the boxer daddy. The puppies will be ready for adoption by Valentines Day. Want one ?

Tuesday Morning .. Joe from Clark County called. I passed my NOCTI test. I was amazed. I had to drive to Louisville today to get transcripts for my vocational schooling. I picked them up at the union hall and have to drop them off in Frankfort tomorrow. I also need to get my fingerprinting done for the criminal check.
Kyle had a concert at school. He kicked butt. We took him out of school after the concert and he went to Louisville with us. With the exception of a window/finger incident, it was a great trip for him. We stopped at Tuesday Morning to visit Libby, a friend and the manager, and to do a little Christmas shopping. We did mostly shopping without finding much for Christmas.

We got back in time to get Chelsea. Tammy went to Northpoint, picked up her mom, and brought her home. She was missing us. We picked up a couple movies and stayed home this evening. It has been 7 days since we karaoked. Yes, I know. Take a deep breath. It will be okay.
It is time to turn in .. Y'all have a good night .. or day .. Whenever you are reading this

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