Friday, December 31, 2004

The solution to Lexington's driving woes

I have accidentally discovered the solution to the horrid drivers in Lexington.

Sierra has her permit. She has been driving for 3 days now. Last night she took me for a drive for the very first time. Earlier in the evening, she drove the Bravada for the first time. During our drive, she was great. She was very attentive. She was very cautious.

It dawned on me. She is ADHD, obsessive compulsive, and bipolar. Her spastic, generally erratic, all over the place, behavior has found a place where it is advantageous. She took notice of everything around her. She thought out all the scenarios as she drove. Usually this is a negative, as she figures out all the reasons something will not work and gets discouraged. When she does find a way to make something she wants happen, she is devastated when it doesn't work. However, driving is different. In the few seconds that she has, she has already scanned the road, determined the risks, and plotted her course. This is much different than the regular, paying no attention, Lexington driver.

All we need to do is come up with a gas that is vented through the AC or heating system, that creates a temporary ADHD, OC, bipolar state in the driver. The only draw back is that an ADHD, OC, bipolar passenger is a pain in the ass. Oops, did I say that out loud, Sierra ?
Oh yeah, Happy New Year !!

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