Friday, December 24, 2004

Special Night

Wow, great time at Mom & Dad's tonight.

Tammy and I were thrilled to share Christmas with Mom, Dad, Barb, Mike, Kathy, Bobby, Donna, Johnny, Patty, Richard, Michael, Leslie, Breanan, little Michael, Cody, Brittany, Haley, Alex, Tabitha, Austin, Carlos, Sierra, Jordan, Chelsea, Kyle, Audrey, Adam, Chris, Kody, Kyleigh, Chasity, Chris, Ian, Heather, Jenny, Jerome, Marie, John Jr, Shantell, Ricky, Shannon, Pvt Richard, Teddy, DJ, Kaspar, Katie, and Carol.

There was food, and food, and food. Did I mention there was food ? As usual, when it came time to leave, mom was trying to give away the kitchen to anyone that would take it with them.

No one left without a gift and a few hugs. Most left carrying plates.

If yer not busy next year, come on by. There will be a gift for you .. and a plate .. and one to go.

Merry Christmas

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