Friday, December 10, 2004

Confidence is at Defcon 3

I think I may have flunked my first test in many many moons. Of course, it is the first test I have taken in many many moons. I haven't done most of those kind of problems since I left school over 20 years ago. The best news is that I can take this test 3 times. Once I pass this test, I will receive 9 credit hours toward the 64 required for my Associates degree in Applied Technologies Teaching. After that I take the Praxis test. I pass it and receive another 9 credit hours. Then I take a NIT class for 3 hours credit. That is a total of 21 of the 64 required hours.

I may be able to use some of my apprenticeship hours as credit. Add to those the actual credit hours I received in my year at UK and who knows where I will be.

After getting my Associates degree, I will begin working on my Bachelors degree. Once that is completed, I am encouraged but not required to seek my Masters degree.

But, I have to pass this first one.

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