Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finally .. a moment to catch my breath

Well .. it has been a whirlwind since coming home from Nawlin's.

Our flight out of Nawlin's was delayed for about 40 minutes because the flight coming in was delayed. It had to divert about 100 miles out of the way to miss a storm. We got boarded and away we went. We arrived in Atlanta with just enough time to rush to catch the second leg of our flight home. We arrived in Lexington early. We must have caught a good tailwind. That part of the flight was just over an hour going down and under 45 minutes coming back. It was wonderful to be back in KY. Our luggage was not so happy. It was not back in Lexington yet. The 'luggage guy' (for lack of an official name for him) told Tammy and I that he had a note that our luggage was on a flight arriving at 11:30 PM if we wanted to hang around for an hour. Let's think about this ... in one hour we could be getting our luggage or be getting into our water bed. Hmmmmmm. Bed won. They delivered the luggage the following morning.

Sunday was a sleep day, for the most part. We were tired.

Monday was back to work for both Tammy and myself. I was doing staff exchange with Thoroughbred Electric all week. It was a blast to be back in the field. There was a slight catch. I had to keep a daily log, write a 3-page minimum report, and compose 2 lesson plans based on something worked on during that week and a week worked in June. So, it was busy. The work, reports, log, and lesson plans constitute 3 college credits.

While that was going on, I was catching up the other class I am taking. I am taking a Technology in Education class. I had about 10 excel assignments, a dozen access assignments, and a dozen powerpoint assignments to complete. Lots of computer time, Little fun time. I am nearly done. I will finish up tomorrow (they are all do tomorrow) and then take the final in the Technology class on Thursday night on campus.

This will give me 9 credits for the year. I am required to get 6 per year. This will give me 3 to carry over to next year if I decide to only take a fall class. I am sure i will take a fall and spring class, but it is good to have an option.

This week, so far, I have been in a suite at the Galt House in Louisville. It was the OCTE summer conference (attendance mandatory.) Tammy was not able to go with me, which sucked right out loud. The room was great. The bed was great. The conference was great. However, sitting here at my desk, looking into the bedroom and seeing our bed, knowing we will be in it together tonight, tops all of that. I was way bored without Tammy.

I work the rest of the week, then am off until Wednesday. Then it is back to the grindstone. Next day off ... Labor day!

here are some pics of the suite at the Galt. It was 3 rooms and a hallway. Wowser!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

and here ...

The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

WalgreensVaults at Cemetary

Jimmy Buffetts Margaritaville in NO

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thursday, July 05, 2007

OK, here is a reference point

Cloe comes home

9 days after her birth, newly (nearly) born Cloe comes home. There were issues with premature lung disease and then the jaundice thing. Everything is cleared up and she is just gorgeous. She is not as big as half a minute. Honestly, her head is about the size of my fist. Her legs and arms are long, but tiny. She is an expert 'ooooooo' bringer. Everyone that sees her, goes "ooooooooo."

Sunday, July 01, 2007

for Cloe Danielle

Sweet Fragile Strength

I see the delicate fragility of your life.
Standing by your bed in the night
Your hands clenched as you struggle,
What is hidden from my sight

Every breath weak but deliberate,
More life in every gasp of air
Each one a bit stronger than the last,
Each carrying hope against despair

Scarcely one obstacle is passed,
And the next barrier appears
An issue of the blood,
Yells its thunderous fears

While worry rises,
In helplessness not concealing
Beneath it all,
Courage never stops healing

With only one gift,
Into this world you came
That one gift,
A bright and shining flame

The flame carries you,
It becomes just enough
It doesn't flicker or falter,
It never yields to life's bluff

No expertise,
No wealth to claim
Just life, a family's love,
And a family's name

Every day, you climb,
Every day, you rise
Every day you amaze,
With your sweet fragile strength

Welcome to the world, Cloe Danielle
Meet the hearts, That love you

July 1, 2007