Thursday, December 16, 2004

Today leaves me with some done and more to do. Mel, who has the puppies, told me in a phone conversation that she had an electrical problem last night. She stayed up all night to make sure the house didn't catch fire. I asked her why she didn't call me. She was concerned about the time. It was 2 AM. I told her to call me anytime in an emergency like that. I further told her that I would fix the problem for the cost of the materials alone. I won't take her Christmas money. She had KU check the outside and according to them, it was fine. Tomorrow, I will check it out for her. With luck it will be an easy fix.

We went to Mom and dad's and fixed the dryer. That left us with not enough time to make it to Versailles and still pick up Chella. Kyle was already home. He was swollen in the throat this morning. Tammy took him to the DR early. They took one look and said, "Antibiotics". Oh yeah, I called my DR and they have upped my synthroid dosage.

We did learn that plastic dryer exhaust hoses are no longer available because of a fire hazard. I think that is ridiculous. The dryer doesn't produce enough heat to cause the plastic to burst into flames. It might cause shrinkage and it may melt it in a malfunction, but if your dryer is producing that much heat, your plastic exhaust hose in the least of your worries.

We had thought about going to the auction tonight, but I didn't feel up to it. So, it was movies and kids until 11 and then bed. I have court in the morning.

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