Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Lost and found

I spent the day between lost and found.

We had many things to do and a short time to do them. It was kinda like the "East bound and down" song from "
Smokey and the Bandit". We had a long way to go and a short time to get there. The kids had to get to school. Tammy had to take her mom back to Northpoint. Then we had to go to Frankfort for several reasons. Tammy picked Jordan up along the way of her travels and he and Sierra went with us on our travels.

We went to the
Kentucky State Police Headquarters in Frankfort to get myself finger-printed. They don't do that at the headquarters, so I was sent to post 12 in town to get it done. It was actually way cool. There was no ink. They have a large machine with a small glass plate where finger prints are taken and then printed. It isn't done the way Fingerprinting used to be done.

From there we went to the 'tower' where many state offices are located for me to drop off my records from the
Union in Louisville. Vicky was out to lunch. So I left the papers and the prints in her chair as pre-arranged. Then we were off to Stamping Grounds, KY to see the new pups. Somehow, on KY's poorly marked roads or poorly plotted maps, there was a cross up and we ended up everywhere but Stamping Grounds. As the matter of fact, we ended up right back in Frankfort following one single road designation. We decided to just go on home as time was not going to allow us to go to see the pups and still get Kyle from school.

Before we got out of Frankfort, Vicky called and needed more records. We stopped in Versailles to pick up my High School transcripts from Woodford County High school.

That done, we fueled and headed to Lexington. I still haven't made it to fix Mom's dryer. I guess there will still be things for me to do tomorrow then. My sister, Donna called and I will be heading back to Versailles tomorrow to inspect her electrical system. They sold their house and the buyer has some concern about overloading. I will check and fix it and issue a statement saying the electric is OK. It will be good to see Johnny, my brother-in-law. Donna says he has his leg now and we need to call ahead of time so he can have it on. He lost his right leg just below the knee due to his diabetes.

My DR called and wants me to call the office. I am sure they have a new dosage for my synthroid.

Another busy day between lost and found.

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