Wednesday, December 29, 2004

OK .. It is day two, but don't worry

Day two

Another day at work without students. I spent the day ordering more material and studying text books to prepare lessons. There are no student books from which to teach. So, I am making lessons until we get books in. We will be ordering them tomorrow. Hopefully, we will get a downloadable EBook that we can use. We can print out what we need from that. The Computer Technologies teacher said he had the equivalent of a print shop in his class. I met him today. His name is Mike Fisher. I have seen him somewhere before. He says the same about me. He says we have talked before somewhere.

I wrote the first lesson today about safety. It is drilled into our heads at work all the time. I know the reason that safety is such an issue is insurance premiums. I like to take advantage of that to make my workplace safer. Too many have the opposite attitude. They think we are being safety-ed out of being able to do our jobs. I realize that there are inherent dangers to my profession. There are things that we will never be able to eliminate. However, eliminating as much as we can is an appealing idea to me.

I am also working on a few lessons about Ohms law and AC theory. I will sprinkle in some series circuits and parallel circuits along the way. Stick around, we might learn a thing or two here.

Oh yeah, the don't worry part .. I will make a conscious effort to stop keeping track of the days, weeks, months, etc. There will not be a Day 517 post.. Relax.

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