Sunday, May 22, 2011

By the numbers

41 weeks have passed since I decided to change my life/eating style.

Here is what has happened, by the numbers:

August 8th .. the day before I began:
Eating an estimated 3500+ calories a day
weight: 350 pounds
Waist : 58 inches
Hips: 60 inches
didn't measure thigh or upper arm until mid September. At that time my thigh measured 28 inches and my upper arm was 16 inches.

Today, May 22 ..
Averaging 1100 calories a day for the past 41 weeks.
weight: 220
Waist: 40 inches
Hips: 39.5 inches
Thigh: 24 inches
Upper Arm: 13 inches

130 pounds
18 inches in my waist
20.5 inches in my hips
4 inches in my thigh
3 inches in my upper arm

Since I began walking (August 16) I have walked 613 miles.

Last week, we began biking. I have biked 18 miles this week.

Those are the numbers.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

It happened

now .. it is time to set new ones !

Thursday, May 19, 2011

good bye to the final X

For longer than I care to remember, I have been in the extra sizes.

I was in 3X to 4X shirts. I was in 2X to 3X shorts and underwear.

The last shirts I bought were a large and the last shorts I bought were a large as well.

Extra large's are loose and extra comfortable, but a large is now loose enough to be comfortable as well.

So long, last X. I'm not going to miss you.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

adding new cardio

My wife and I bought bikes.

That statement alone should be enough to convince you that we have lost our minds.

Our reasoning is that, since we cannot walk together because of the difference in our gaits, we could ride together easier. Moreover, it would be easier for me to go slower on a bike than it would be for me to walk at a slower pace.

She got her bike first. She went on a ride and enjoyed it.
I got my bike over the weekend. I got a used Ironhorse Warrior mountain bike. I don't care much for the skinny tire bikes.

Sunday, while she is cooking supper, I tell TJ that I am taking a bike ride. She stated that she thought we were going to be riding together. I told her we would , but she was not invited to my virgin ride (I am a virgin again after so many years) to hear her snickering behind me.

That ride was only a mile. Oh my! I remember biking being much easier when I was in college.

Monday and Tuesday's rides were 2.5 miles.

It must be serious. I have now bought locks and helmets and gloves, and a water bottle.

One of the guys at work asked me if it was mostly level ground where I ride. All I can say is that the Mount in Mount Sterling does not stand for level ground. Mountains ! It is all hills and valleys. However, it seems there are more uphill than downhill, if that is possible.

There are places on me that hurt that have not hurt in a long time.

And .. Who ever decided those seats were comfortable ?

I just want to know.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Didn't see this day

I am two pounds from my goal weight.

Less than ten months ago I weighed 350 pounds.

This morning, I weigh 222 pounds.

Even when I set the goal, I didn't see this day.

I am awash with emotion.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

nine and a half months later

One of the boards I subscribe to on SparkPeople asked that we post how we are doing sine we began in August. Here is my response:

Well, since I began in August, I have done well.

I have lost 125 pounds (from 350 to 225.)
I have went from wearing 60 inch waist pants to wearing a 40 inch waist.
I have gone from wearing 3X shirts to wearing a Large to XLarge.

Since August I have logged in over 550 miles distance in walking. I have retired my cane.

I have stopped taking any medication for acid reflux. It used to be a daily pill.

My synthroid dosage has dropped and continues to do so.

When I began, I was looking at disability retirement. I could not do the job for which I was trained and worked at for over 25 years. I am a licensed Master Electrician. Now, I work a 40 hour week every week.

I am much more active and able to do so much more.

My wife says my snoring has greatly reduced and my sleep apnea has gone.

Quite a difference from nine and a half months ago.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Ever vigilant means never again.

This week has been a week of working an odd shift (1:30 to 10:00PM.) it has wreaked havoc with my usual supper at home. i have eaten out a couple times this week, which is not the usual for me, but haven't done too badly.

My worst day was actually brought about by a breakfast out rather than a supper out. I was out and about on Wednesday and got caught in the foul weather sweeping through the state. I stopped for breakfast a a fast food place and ended up with a 500+ calorie breakfast instead of my usual 200 - 300 calorie fare. Still, I finished the day with under 1500 calories. Being over 1400 made my eyes go wide. My normal is 1100 to 1200 calories a day.

I haven't really checked it but my average for the week, while a little higher than normal, is still well within any prescribed calorie ranges and still within the 'pleases Ron' range. An occasional day with high number, while freaking me out, doesn't do a lot to the bottom line. As long as those kinds of day do not become the norm, i am OK.

I expect that I will maintain this week. That is fine. I am down 125 pounds in under 10 months. I can rest on my laurels every now and then. I am 5 pounds from my goal and still living the new lifestyle. I am on guard to make sure old habits do not resurface.

Ever vigilant means never again.

I like wearing 40 inch waists instead of 60 inch waists. I like wearing 17 inch collars instead of 20 inch collars. I like wearing a large pullover instead of 4XL pullovers.

Ever vigilant means never again !