Thursday, March 11, 2010

poetry .. Hurt (not a statement of my life)

This addresses no issues in my life. However, being somewhat empathic, I do feel the hurt of those around me and most times that migrates into my writing ...

oh yeah .. by the way .. this is my 1000th post .. wahooooooo


Do not speak to me of tomorrow

Or of its magical healing properties

For, although time, may heal wounds

It also testifies of wounds that never heal

Do not talk to me of your pains

As if by having them

They should commiserate with mine

And that should make things well again

Do not try to placate me

With how this had to be for the best

You do not live within the walls of my life

And could never know

Just how far from the best this actually is

My life is one large gaping wound

The edges are frayed and ragged

In the center of this wound lies my heart

Ripped out and cast aside like debris

Trampled like the confetti from yesterdays parade

Your happiness chafes me

Your bliss cuts me like a dull ragged edge

Grating on the edging of my hurt

Impeding the very chances of recovery

Deep down I know you feel like you are helping

You imagine you must know my hurt

Perhaps in some place you do know

But cannot remember it exactly

From the shore upon which you now stand

It is as if one word, one action

Has made everything else in your life untrue

Everything you thought you knew is now unknown

Everything you tried to do is now undone

What was once in my heart has vanished away

Like the dew in the heat of the morning sun

Everything I held once true and dear

Slips through my fingers like elusive grains of sand

I do believe, I have to believe

Without that belief I could not get up each day

For now, I need to feel this hurt, pure and raw as it is

I need to know it, face it, and claim it

It must be me and I must be it

Do not try to take this away from me

If you cannot let me hurt

You add to my hurt

Hurt with me,

Hurt for me,

Hurt around me

If you must

But let me hurt

Hold my hand

Dry my tears

Listen to my ache

If you must

But let me hurt

I will be changed when this is done

But I will survive, nonetheless

I will be timid for a time, maybe forever

But … let me hurt

I know you are there

I know how much you care

I know where to find you

But ... let me hurt

Do what you must

Do what you can

Do what you will

But … let me


Ron Simpson, Jr.

March 11, 2010