Thursday, October 29, 2009

follow up

My daughter took her daughter to the DR on Monday for more testing and follow up from the testing on Friday. The Friday testing revealed markers for leukemia.

The DR told my daughter, "I don't know what we saw on Friday, but there is nothing here today."

Her potassium is still low, but vitamins or bananas will fix that.

We are ecstatic over here. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes and positive thoughts.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

prayer request

I haven't been faithful to the blogging thing, doing more posting on facebook. I am finding myself these days more of the voyeur and less of the exhibitionist. What I share with y'all today is more of a prayer request than a post, but a post nonetheless. If you are a praying sort, I am asking for those prayers. If you are not, send whatever positive thoughts or energy you can muster in our direction.

My daughter, Audrey has a 7 year old daughter. Kyleigh is a bright energetic replica of her mom. She had blood work done today pursuant to some recurring headaches. The blood work came back showing high lymphocyte levels in her white blood cells, high creatine levels in her kidneys, and low potassium. The Dr's told her to bring Kyleigh back in on Monday for more testing, but are leaning toward leukemia. It is not a confirmed diagnosis. It is just where they are starting to look. However, as you can no doubt imagine, Audrey is extremely fearful.

I would appreciate your prayers. I know that the God we serve is a healer. I know the power of life and death, health and sickness are in His hands. As you pray this weekend, and as you pray at church this weekend, please include Kyleigh and Audrey and Adam in your prayers.

Thanking you in Christ,

Kyleigh with her Halloween pumpkin last year ..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Journey

How do you measure a journey
Is it in the time captured
Is it in the number of steps
Both carefully measured
And haplessly carefree

Do you count it in the years
Or the months, or the weeks
Is it in the details of the day
Or in the broad strokes of time
Viewed and reviewed

Is it measured
In the seeds that are planted
Or in the crops that are harvested
Is it in the lasting effect
Or the immediate response

How do we know
When the journey is too short
Or tell when it is too long
For the journey is, simply,
From a beginning to an ending

When and where it began
Can be definitely pinpointed
But the end of the journey
Is never really known
As long as someone recalls

As long as the stories are told
As long as the memory holds
As long as the yearbook is read
And the bold signing beheld
The journey continues on

We will take you to a place of rest
We will sadly recall the past
We will recount the good times
We will measure them against the future
And some will think the journey has ended

We will know
It is far too soon to measure this journey
For while one may count the seeds in an apple
We will scarcely know the apples in a seed

And the journey continues

Ron Simpson, Jr.
October 14, 2009

For Allen Terry
February 20, 1988 - October 11, 2009