Sunday, October 31, 2004

Trick or Treat

Tonight was trick or treat night in Lexington. I was impressed with most of the young kids that came to the porch. Most of them were polite and said 'Thank you' after getting a treat. It is good to see that parents are teaching kids manners. It was a slow night. Houses that were participating left their porch lite on. There weren't more then half a dozen houses lit up on my block. Happy Halloween and God bless us everyone !!

Friday, October 29, 2004

Achooooooo !!

The cold is still hard upon me. We went out to Todd's. It was dead tonight. We left there and went to the Post, a bar at the Holiday Inn. Big John was doing the karaoke there. I did one song and sucked at it. Tammy did one and was great. We decided to make it an early night and headed home. It kind of takes the fun out of the evening when I can't sing. We will give it another day and see how it is.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


I couldn't resist. I just had to get into a political discussion. I knew better. I just could not resist though. It started with an email about GW flip flopping on his previous constitutional amendment against gay marriages. While, I will leave my opinion on that out of this post, I am happy to discuss my personal beliefs on a one to one basis with anyone. There were some emails that went back and forth about it behind the group discussion. One of them concerned the problem with getting the Government involved at all. I responded with ..

I agree .. Once ya get the government involved in something .. They never leave .. The Government is like a narcotic parasite .. Once they are in .. They create the need for them to stay .. They make such a mess out of anything that only they can manage it .. And it is our own fault .. We are too quick to say, "Let the feds do it"

I cannot imagine that the founding fathers ever thought or meant for the Government to grow as it has .. They were fleeing the government in England and it's tyrannical controls .. Now we are leading in that direction .. It is like pushing a snowball down a large hill .. It grows and grows .. and at one point .. We go from pushing it to trying to control it and then to trying to stay out of the way of its careening destruction .. yep .. Sounds like the government .. lol

Sick !!

Hey there ..

Sorry that I haven't blogged lately. I have a cold that is kicking my butt. All I want to do is cough less and sleep more. Neither are happening yet. Still, feeling as bad as I did I had to get out of the house today. We took Ms. Keisha back to Audrey. We think it might have been a false heat. Donovan tried to mount her once and she bit him. He decided she was too high maintenance and left her alone.

Coming back from Nicholasville, I decided to go to Versailles to see Raymond, the mechanic. There is a back way there without having to drive to Lexington. I have been that way many times. Somehow, today, I made a wrong turn and ended up in the middle of nowhere. Well, actually, more like Nonesuch, KY. I pulled into a small store parking lot. Tammy asked if I were doing so to walk Malcolm (who was gassing us in the truck). I told her that I was going to ask for directions. Her response .. "Now wait a minute, I know you have a penis !" Whatever !!
I got directions, followed them, and within 4 miles I was lost again. We stopped again. This time Tammy asked for directions. The guy told Tammy to 'go down there 'bout half a mile and turn right. Ya cain't miss it." We didn't. Oh yeah, somewhere between the two sets of directions, Malcolm decided to initiate the new Bravada. He tossed his cookies. It was a pile about the size of Donovan.

From Versailles we came home, grabbed a roller and pail for Dad and headed out again. Even sick, it felt good to be out of the house.

Now, it feels good to be home again. Ah, the joys of travel, lol.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

As I see it ..

I read someone a few years ago that said, "Most people are not looking for the truth, just evidence of their own prejudice." I see this more and more in this election on both sides of supporters. A Bush supporter and a Kerry supporter can read the same article of news and in it see the argument that supports their candidate. There is a line of truth out there. I am sure that both candidates know exactly where that line is. They must, they cross it some many times in one day that it would be impossible not to see it once or twice in a day.

We look in the Middle East and see the fanaticism and religious fervor with which the people support their religious leaders and we shake our heads that they are so sadly mislead. We, as Americans, walk around with our piety and arrogance, scoffing at the rest of the world by reason of our sanctimonious freedom. Yet, if we step back for a moment and look at ourselves, we will see that we are just a step away from taking up arms to defend our candidates. There is an undercurrent of rage in this country. It is being fed by this political situation. We are cloaked in the same fervor and fanaticism that we so easily see in others and yet are blinded to it in ourselves.

History tells us the course upon which we travel. There was a polarization of the nation. There were the 'Haves' and the 'Have nots'. The rich became richer. The poor became poorer. The middle class ceased to exist. Human lives became commodities. The 'Have nots' worked for less and less. The 'Haves' raked in the recompense on the labor force. Until one day, the rumors stopped being rumors. The grumbling became a battle cry. The rage of the oppressed would not be denied. The French Revolution began. The wealth and properties of the rich were seized and distributed to the poor. The rich were executed with callous and little regard for life. When your life loses value, all life loses value. I fear that this rage is a seething cauldron that soon will overflow and fill the world.

Next week we will grumblingly choose the 'lesser of two evils' to guide us. I am afraid that neither have the answers. Look at the candidates. All they talk about is the plague and their cure. They seek to whip the nation into a fear of the other candidate. They both try to channel the rage within us. Three years ago, in September, we pushed the differences aside and stood as common. Three years and we are now extolled openly about the differences. Kerry supporters will tell you that it is Bush's fault. Bush supporters will tell you that it is someone else's fault. We have become, once again, a mass of individuals. We are precariously united under the banners of Bush and Kerry. The election will not be the answer, regardless of who wins. It will just be another banking turn in a downhill slalom. I fear for my children and my grand children.

I remember the nuclear drills we had as kids in school during the Cuban Missile Crisis. There were the instructions about head between your knees. Someone added later the punch line about kissing your ass good-bye. I am afraid it is no longer the joke.

Wow, and I am the optimist. lol

Monday, October 25, 2004

Monday Monday

Well, here we are, one week later. Tammy still cringes slighlty when we are driving and other drivers seem to get close or act stupid. She tries not to let me see it, so, I pretend that I don't see it. She pretends that she doesn't see me pretending not to see her.
I called the credit union this morning and they are doing the paperwork for the loan. We have to be in Louisville tomorrow for Tammy's appt for another assessment of her wrist. We will sign the papers while there and everyone will be happy. The car dealer will be happy. They will have money. The credit union will be happy. They will have me locked in to giving them money. I will be happy. I won't have money but will have a ride.
We took the rental car back today to Enterprise. The car salesman came outside to admire the Bravada. He thought it was an '02. He was surprised when we told him it was a '99. It is a great ride.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

On the road again

Well, after driving and testing out 6 vehicles, we have made a purchase. We are back to driving our own SUV again. We have made our first major purchase together as a couple. We are now the tentative proud owners of a 99 black Oldsmobile Bravada. It is a nice ride. It is comfy and has low miles. We are happy. I wonder if their are statistics out there about what the average number of vehicles driven before a purchase. I am sure there are, but I haven't a clue where to find them.

A friend called me this morning form Alexandria, LA with a offer of work. They are working 5 days a week, 10 hours a day, or 4 days @ 12 hours a day on Thursday thru Sunday. Another time and I would be on my way to LA right now, but I need to be closer to home now. Tammy needs me even more than usual with all she is going thru. I am not one to abandon a friend. She is as much my friend as she is my wife. So, while we are on the road again, I am not on the road again.

We are off to meet friends at an impromptu get together. Y'all have a good evening

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Another busy one

Man, today was a running day.

We were up at 7 to wake the kids. It was drop off the kids .. then we went to pick up Chris and Jordan (Chris hates to wait alone) to take them to court for Chris' final appearance on his disorderly charge .. It is being dropped with prejudice (Chris admits that the police had probable cause to arrest him .. so he cant sue them) .. then to the car dealer to pick up the jeep to take it, eventually, to the mechanic .. Jeep collected, it is off to courthouse to drop off Chris and Jordan .. we give then Tammy's phone so they can call us when they are done .. then to collision Care to meet with the insurance adjuster .. from there we take me to Jeffs to finish the electric on his house while Tammy goes to the county clerk to clear the lien on my title .. she finished that and went to the adjuster and picked up the check .. by the time she got back I was finished and ready to go .. off we went to Versailles to see the mechanic .. the Jeep didn't pass .. Run far, run fast .. we drive back to Lexington to drop it off .. as we are leaving the dealership, Chris calls to tell us he is ready to be collected .. as we go to get him we stop to see the man that sold me the Blazer at the new dealership where he works .. to let him know I am looking for a new ride .. he shows us a few things .. but we don't have time to test anything .. while there, the company picking up the old Blazer calls .. they are on the way to the house .. we drop me off to meet them .. Tammy picks up the boys .. she come back .. collects Sierra .. drops the boys off at their place and heads to Nicholasville to get Audrey's dog .. she is in heat .. the dog .. not Audrey .. we are breeding her with our Pom .. again .. the dog .. not Audrey .. Tammy comes back .. picks up Kyle .. she is here for 35 minutes before she has to pick up chella .. home .. from there we go to Jeff's house .. the inspector had some issues .. we fix those .. leaving Jeff's .. it is 5:30 pm .. a stop at rally's and supper is ready .. home for a bit .. a friend stops by for a visit .. when she leaves it is 10 pm .. Kyle goes to bed at 9:30 .. boyfriends go home at 10 .. the house is finally quiet .. I thought it was gonna be a busy day .. it is just a normal one ..

How was yer day ?

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Full Days

It has been a long day.

My insurance adjuster was here at 9:30 to look at my Blazer. After some discussion, we decided to total it out and let them have it. Of course, the necessary papers showing that I had paid off the truck were missing. We searched and searched, finally finding the title and the pay off papers. Then we headed out to shop for a vehicle. One of the chatroom roomies worked for the local dealership where I purchased my Blazer. There we looked at several SUVs. The one that caught my eye was a fire engine red 1998 Jeep Cherokee Limited. It is pretty. After taking it for a test drive, we suggested a few things be fixed or checked. We will shop around a bit.

We went from there to dad's house to work on his computer and figure out why he couldn't record from his camcorder to his VCR. That mission was accomplished. Then it was, pick up Kyle, head home, pick up Chelsea, head home, go to Jeff's to do electric work, and head home. Somewhere in there, the insurance adjuster called with the amount of the check and the arrangements for picking it up. The car salesman called and we made arrangements to pick up the Jeep to take it to our mechanic. Tomorrow.

It was a long day. Tomorrow looks just as full.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Well, I guilted Tammy into going to the DR about her pain. It turns out she has whiplash and back sprain. DR told her the whiplash would last longer than the back sprain. The healing time is 4 to 6 weeks, but the pain should be gone in a couple weeks.
So, where were we tonight? Were we recuperating in bed ? Were we resting on the sofa ? Were we soaking in a hot tub of Epsom salts ? NO ! NO ! NO ! Where were we tonight ? It is Tuesday. We were at Todd's Karaoke singing our thumping gizzards out. lol

Tammy insisted.
It is our mid week break. It is our night out.

Now we are home. Tammy has had her a hot shower. She is headed to bed and I am close behind.


Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday .. OY !

I was posting earlier (look down) about chaos and Monday. Earlier this evening, while out picking up kids and trying to purchase a mouse for Ava, Tammy found some chaos. She was hit in the passenger rear and knocked about 15 feet into another vehicle on the drivers side rear. I think the frame is damaged, which would effectively total my truck. Sierra and Jordan (her BF) were taken by ambulance to UK med center. Both were released a short while ago. Sierra has a mild concussion and Jordan has a bump on the head. Tammy is having muscle spasms in her lower back but refused to wait the 7 hours in the ER waiting area to be seen. UK closed it's ER to the public because of the injuries from accidents caused by this rain storm.
The recipe for disaster in Lexington is simple, just add water. It can be any form of water, rain, snow, sleet, or ice. Lexingtonians cannot drive, anytime, but add water and it increases exponentially. When she called me she was in tears. She was upset that she had wrecked my truck. I assured her that the truck was replaceable and the last thing I was worried about. After making sure that everyone was going to live, I called Geico. Pardon me while I sing their praises. They were very professional, yet concerned and friendly. They made the calls to have the auto specialist look at my truck within 24 hours. They made the arrangements for the rental car so that all I had to do was sign the papers and drive it away. Twice I have had to use my coverage and both times they have been just as happy to hear form me as when I am sending them money. Not that they wanted to hear that we were involved in an accident, but they put the well being of the passengers first and foremost. Then the truck was secondary.
All in all, it has been a quite eventful afternoon.

I am just glad that everyone is ok .. So far ..
I'll keep ya posted on the rest as it unfolds.

Monday Monday

So, it begins. The Monday has arrived. Not anything special Monday. It is just a regular Monday. It is the return to getting up early. It is the return to schedules. It is the end of the chaos that we call a weekend. For me it is kind of reversed. I work on the weekends. I get up between 4:30 and 5:30 on weekends. I get dressed, grab the lunch box, and drive to work. My chaos is Monday thru Friday. Well, in truth, my chaos is working full time, even overtime. I am gonna hate to get the payroll bill for employee #265, chaos.
My other emotions are content to put in their few hours a day and go on about their business. Love is here all the time as well, but love works for free most of the time. Only occasionally does love require effort or extensive time. Worry generally stops by for a brief visit, but I don't entertain him. Stress has been laid off but still swings by to see if there is anything he can do. Joy and happiness have moved in and are content to work for room and board.

I am not the one that picks up the emotion line and calls for chaos. It is the kids. They bring it. The have him here all the time. Everything with them is a chaotic emergency. It is nothing for Chelsea to call from school with some emergency (to her) that needs to be handled immediately. It is generally something that could have been handled much earlier. They all get involved in their 'lives' and are oblivious about the things that need to be done tomorrow. As it is with all kids, today is all there is. Now is all they need to worry about. They will talk about the future and what they want to be in their futures, but they do not seem to understand that what they are doing right now is shaping their tomorrows. Lackadaisical efforts of today mean harder work tomorrow. Try as we may, we cannot seem to make that point stick. Perhaps it is because kids have a boundless energy to do the extra work that it will take later. That, and the small insignificant fact that kids are immortal. There is always tomorrow. Whatever we forget or decide not to do today will be there for us in the future and the future will always be there as well. I am not criticizing them about it. I was the same way.

I am still a procrastinator in some areas. It is ironic. At work I am a 'get it done now' kinda guy. I do my work then I stop and talk with the guys. Around here it is different. Many things are more important than doing those things that need to be done, eventually. Then suddenly it is time to do it now and I hurry off to do it. There is a brief moment when chaos jumps up. It doesn't bother me though, because I won't be hurried. Most things I do are on a sliding schedule. They need to be done when I get there. Someone suggested to me a few years ago that I needed to go into business for myself. Whoa ! That is just inviting chaos. The exterior untrained view of that is that you choose your own hours. You are your own boss. That is a standard lie. When you are in business for yourself, everyone is your boss. Every job you take, you have a new boss. You can't take your time. You are slave to a schedule. Your name is on the side of the truck and on the dotted line for every bill the business incurs. You have to work every day. You have to put in the long hours. You have to work thru the lunches and evenings, and holidays. Do you know why ? I'll tell ya .. That guy you hired to help you is just like you were when you were working for someone else. If the job gets done, great! If the job doesn't get done, ok. He is putting in his hours, collecting his check, and going home on time, because he doesn't have his name down on the dotted line. You want chaos ? Go into business for yourself.

Claim chaos as one of your dependents on your tax form. Explain that at the audit. Chaos costs much more than the kids. Chaos burns more gas. Chaos uses more lights. Chaos causes more water to be used in long soothing hot showers or baths. Chaos burns the midnight oil. Where is my CHAOS deduction on my tax form?
Monday, Monday, Wherefore art thou Monday?
Hidden beneath the chaos. Happy hunting !

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Lazy day Sunday


Today was a lazy day. I didn't do much of anything. I had fun stirring in the big cauldron of politics with the email group I manage. I have been online off and on a lot today and checked my email and responded regularly. I didn't pay any mind to the volume of mail I was getting. Tammy is on the same group and gets the same mail. She checked her mail a short while ago and had 50 emails, almost all from the group. I was shocked. No wonder others are complaining. Personally, I love politics. I love the debate and banter. I try not to go too far and enter bickersville, though.
Arguing politics is the dumbest thing you can do for several reasons. Most people who are willing to discuss politics have already made up their minds about the elections. You are not going to change their mind. They are going to be like the man in the story of the wind and sun arguing over who could make the man lose his coat. If you aren't familiar with it, let me refresh you.
The Sun and the wind were arguing over who was more powerful. The argument went on and on, until finally they decided on a contest. There was a man walking with his hat and coat on. The sun and wind agreed that the one able to make the man lose his hat and coat would be the winner. The wind went first. He blew and he blew. The more the wind blew, the more tightly the man pulled his coat and the more tightly he held his hat on his head. The wind tried and tried without any success.
Then was the suns turn. He shined. Hotter and hotter he shined. Eventually the man took off his hat as he began to sweat. Then he took off his coat. The sun had won the contest.
When you argue with a political opponent, all they do is wrap their ideology more tightly around them. They hunker down and become more determined than ever to support their candidate. The Presidential Debates were not for those that have already decided. The numbers were very low on those that changed their minds. The debates were about the undecided.

Other than the political stirring, I have been relatively calm. Tammy and I took a short nap. It was a good day. I got rest and got to piss people off. That's gonna make tomorrow have to work hard to top it.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Mark Mark Mark !

Malcolm has a new thing. In the 3 ½ months that we have had Malcolm, I have heard him bark twice. Both times it was at or directly related to another dog. Now he has a strange new thing. He mumble-barks.
I was driving to Jeff's house to do electric work a couple days ago when I noticed a funny noise. I looked in the mirror and saw Malcolm's head out the window. He was slightly moving his lips and making a mumbly barking sound. I figured it was a 'wind in the face' kinda thing.
Yesterday, while we were parked waiting on Chelsea, Malcolm had his head out the window, watching the world, and he started it again. Mumble bark, mumble bark, mumble bark.
Mark mark mark !

Today was a work day for me. The new meds the DR put me on for my back were largely ineffectual. As long as I could sit and work, I was fine. You don't get many opportunities to work sitting down in the construction industry. I worked 7 hours, finished 2 jobs, and came home. I am hoping the Skelaxin will pick up eventually.
Until then it is just pain as usual.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Meeeeep Meeeeeep !!

Roadrunner .. That coyote's after you
Roadrunner .. If he catches you, you're through !!
So today I was the roadrunner or the coyote. I am not sure which. All I know was that I could have used an Acme Rocket® strapped to the top of the Blazer. We started by taking the kids to school. Then it was across town to the DR office for my blood work. That was followed by a trip back across town to the house. A few minutes online to answer emails and set up the next run and off we went to take Mercy to Mel. Mercy is Mercedes, a Golden Retriever, that we took to Stamping Ground to give to a friend on a trial basis. Then it was back 40 miles to Lexington and to drop Tammy off at her 'pain management' appt. Back across town I went, in a zigzag pattern avoiding streets closed or nearly closed by accidents and fires, to be at Kyles school to get him . Then back across town to pick up Tammy from her appt. From there it was rush back to pick Chelsea up from school. Dropped Chelsea and Kyle and picked up Malcolm, who is still confused about the missing Mercy.

By the way, the timing with Mercy couldn't have sucked any more for us. She went into heat and Malcolm lost his virginity last night. We walked out of the room for a few minutes. It couldn't have been more than 3 minutes when we heard them yelping. Tammy looked into the living room and exclaimed her favorite expression. "Oh shit." They were hooked. Then this morning it took as long as to walk from the kitchen to the computer desk chair. Tammy sat down, and in that 30 seconds or less, they were hooked again. Want any 'Box Retriever' puppies in about 9 weeks ?

Anyway .. We pick up the lust-sick Malcolm and go pick up Keisha. From there it is a trip to Nicholasville to drop her off at Audreys. Then, a stop at Mickey D's, for a lazy man's supper for the kids and back to Lexington we scurried. I think we drove around the world at one point. There was that one time when I turned a corner quickly and caught sight of myself up ahead just fading out of sight. I think we spend our lives trying to catch ourselves up ahead in the distance. The game is over when you finally catch yourself.

Maybe I'll catch myself tonight while we are out singing. It will be an early night though. Tomorrow is a work day for me. Mike with Butcher left me a message to be at work tomorrow while we were out of contact in Stamping ground.

For now it is, change the socks and underwear, and off we go. The 'chase' is on.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

One Less ?

It seems we will have one less to wake up around here. Chris has moved out although it is not really official yet. His things are still here for the most part. He has moved in with Nick & Jordan. For now they are sharing a one bedroom apt., but are supposed to be getting a 2 bedroom apt. Soon. It will be different around here without Chris. He is quiet for the most part and when he speaks it is usually off the wall and way out in left field, but he is a good kid to have around.
He is moving stuff out a little at a time. He still needs to get his license. He need to get a job now. He quit Eureka when they got all hissy with him. It never ceases to amaze me how these fast food places can get away with treating employees like crap. It takes one disgruntled employee to ruin your food and thereby ruin your business. Still, in the jobs that Chris and Sierra have had in the fast food industry, I have seen things that I would never stand for as an employee, nor do as an employer.
We told Chris that he was welcome to come eat supper here anytime he wanted, but, on whatever night he came, it was his dish night. We did offer the use of the washer and dryer, but he has to do his own laundry.

Tammy will require occasional comforting. Her 'baby' is moving out.

Her life as a prison biotch

I just heard the most incredulous news rumor.

Martha Stewart is considering writing a book about her prison experience. WHAT ?? She will be staying at a federal country club prison for insider trading which netted her a tidy sum of money. For her illegal activities, she was slapped on the wrist. Now, she wants to make money off of her punishment for making money illegally.

Wake up people. She will be at this Club Fed for 5 months. 5 Months !! She isn't going to be there long enough to have any prison memories. What is she going to write about? Will there be a chapter on the difference in her toilet paper at home compared the cheap federal prison kind? Perhaps she will do a chapter on the thread count of her prison bed ware. I wonder if the mess hall silverware will be to her liking. Chapter 4: Should there be designer inmate uniforms to promote a better feeling among prisoners?

I have found the new money maker for the rich and famous. Make a buncha money, do something illegal or stupid, and then write a book about your punishment/recovery. You know what will be the saddest thing of all? IDIOTS will buy the book. It will sell. There will be morons standing in line to offer her comfort for her ordeal while plinking down their money so she can buy more stocks to make more money on by indulging in other illegal insider trading. That would be just right. Stupidity should cost money. If you are dumb enough to buy a book by a diva convicted of a crime about her time in Club Fed, you deserve to be without the $27.95. Heck, buy 3 copies. Buy a dozen. Give them as Christmas gifts. Get one for me. I could use the fire starting paper for my fireplace or the liner for my python cage.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Dog Pimps "R" Us

Welcome to my dog pimping hotel.

Leonard, the guy I have yet to forgive for Donovan, now wants us to take Keisha. Keisha is another Pomeranian. Fortunately, I already have a home for her. With any luck at all, it will be a seamless exchange. If I plan it just right, we will pick up Keisha and take her directly to Audrey's house. There will be no overnight visit. There will be no breakfast with the dogs.
Dude won't have to go thru another traumatic reorganization of the hierarchy. If one more animal comes in here that he has to orient to his ruling of the household, he might just go insane. He will be taken down by snipers while in a clock tower picking off stray dogs and cats with a high powered rifle.
All the pets in the neighborhood will be on the news talking about how 'quiet' he always was, and how they never suspected he had it in him to do such atrocities. There will be pictures of him splattered all over the pet magazines with his rifle. The NRA will disavow any knowledge of modifications made on the rifle to fit it for cat usage, even tho they are available on the world wide web.
Rifles for Cats.
There will be endless lawsuits from lawyers reperesenting the security of stray animals.
Lawyers for Animals
It will just be easier all around if the dog does not make it into the house, for all concerned.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Beam it over, Scotty

We have discovered a mutant ability in Donovan. Donovan is a shit-o-porter.

The floor will be clean. No toys even laying around on it. There will be no movement. Nothing will be seen. Then, suddenly, from out of nowhere, a small inconspicuous pile of dog doo will appear. Donovan will be somewhere nearby, but no where near the pile. It is as if he goes to some dark corner and does his doo business, then contacts the mothership, orbiting somewhere just beyond the range of our sensors, and commands his chief engineering officer to transport his doo to the middle of the floor for pick up. I am not kidding. I have seen that little mutt squat, maybe once. The rest of the time he is off somewhere looking innocent while technologies well in advance of anything we have on this planet are buzzing and shit-o-porting. If we could just train him to give them the coordinates of the outside trash cans it would be much better.
I think training him is out of the question anyway. He obviously possesses abilities far above the ken of mortal men. I am sure we are all just mice in the maze of his sadistic science experiments. One day while cleaning, we will find his little lab coat and clipboard with all his scientific notations about our trainability for use as domestics on his home planet.
Until then, he will keep shit-o-porting and we will keep packing his doo.

Lab rat #687-38, signing off

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Yippe ti yi ya, get along little terrorists

Yipeeeee, I have my very own Kerry/Edwards yard sign.

Tammy and I talked to the campaigners yesterday. They decided that we were very 'informed' and should be working the phone lines for them. That is a consideration. I would be in favor of it, depending on the times available.

One of the things we talked with them about was the war in Iraq. While I concede that we might be in this war even if Kerry were president at the time (and he has never denied that we would be), I understand that we would not be in it alone. We would not be bearing the overwhelming majority of the cost. The rising cost is over 138 billion dollars today. As I said in previous posts, I cannot comprehend numbers like that. There is a web site where you can get a firmer grasp on what those numbers means.

Cost of War

You can break it down to the individual states. You can compare it to what that money could have been spent on in other government programs like education and health care.

I have to say, GW scares me with his run and gun approach. That may work for the Ewings of South Fork Ranch in Texas on TV, but it is not a way to run a country. Why didn't terrorists attack us during the Clinton presidency? One could surmise that they were scared of the repercussions. That was a strong presidency. Less than one year after Bush took office, the nation fell under attack. What weaknesses we must have expressed. We were already alienating ourselves from other nations on other issues. Suddenly we looked alone and vulnerable. We need someone that can rally the world back into our corner.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Let's get ready to RAMMMMMBLEEEEE !!

ok .. When we got in last night around 1 am, we went to the bedroom, popped in a VCR tape, snuggled in the bed, and watched the Presidential Debate. Yeah, I know, we are such sexual animals. Anyway, in my humble biased opinion, John Kerry looked concise while George Bush tended to ramble. GB seemed to try to take everything back to the leadership issue. What I saw last night was JK leading a debate. He looked quite presidential. He came across as strong. He didn't waiver. He had his facts. GW had his facts as he saw them.
At one point he told us that the Kerry budget would not work because some guy I have never heard of said it wouldn't. I understand that I cannot understand the nuances of a budget as large as our country's budget. I get that it is unfathomable for me to think in terms of billions and trillions of dollars. Why do politicians talk in such large numbers? I think it is because they know we can't fathom it. Don't talk to me about the billions and trillions of dollars. Tell me a percentage. Percentage I can understand. I can look at my check and figure that I am spending this percent on food, this percent on shelter, this percent on goods, this percent on security, and this percent on other necessary items. If you tell me that X percent goes to defense, I can work with that. You can even further tell me that of the defense budget, X percent goes to military pay, X percent goes to weaponry, and so forth.
Another thing GW kept harping on were the votes that JK missed. OK, GW has had more vacation time as president than any president .. EVER.
Then there were the times he was talking about leaders of other countries and how he 'knew' them. He 'knew' how they thought. He knew they would not back a vacillating US President. They will back who ever is leading the US because they know that none of them can do it without us. They will work with whomever we send to the White House. Hell, they have put up with the incompetence of this administration. I put little stock in what GW thinks he knows.

As far as I am concerned, Kerry has carried both debates. Edwards carried his debate. The truest test will be in November. Maybe Daddy won't be able to buy this election for Jr.

Friday, October 08, 2004

I couldn't wait

I wrote this in the night .. late

According to the leader of our growing welfare state, and his erstwhile running mate, while seeking for a reinstate, the unemployment rate, is just a temporary state, while we seek an equality state, with a lower prime interest rate, and a slower depreciation rate, to fix the attrition rate of the collection plate, which has some irate with an elevated heart rate, because we have sought to deflate their lightweight Pay rate, which will cause a disinflate in the crime rate, which we think they tend to overrate because they misstate figures that could translate a sedate public debate into an unnatural state which could negate any psychological state, and agitate any physiological state into one of a desecrate home state.
We must dictate an update to the debate, and begin with a clean slate, like a virgin on a blind date, which finds herself in a dire strait, with an overweight primate on a mission of procreate and lying in wait to dictate a due date without the desire to abate or postdate it's innate need to participate in the state of conjugate, with no verbs to collate, please.
We are not here to berate, or underrate, lest we recriminate and lapse into a state of hate, where we would rate the same great infant mortality rate, and share their plate, and participate in their fate heading to the gate our actions would dictate.
It is better we be late, and let the fire dissipate, before we try to relate how we might recreate the state wherein we could lose weight in the interest rate, and inflate the pay rate, so everyone could anticipate a return to that euphoric state we think ever existed, that we equate to the good old days of late.

We will not even begin to equivocate on the fate of those involved in the Mideast State while trying to differentiate between the entrance rate and exit rate of allies and no set date for troop rebate.

Is that straight?

There was a Thursday this week ?

I don't have a clue what happened to yesterday. I know I was alive. I went to Georgetown. I sent money to the bank. Chelsea couldn't feel her finger. Tammy took her to the doctor. Severe sprain of her left wrist. Tammy and I laid on the couch together for a bit. She is starting to feel better.

This morning she said all of her parts were ok. That is just temporary.

Right now I am being stared down by the Dude. He is not happy about the introduction of a new pet. He should be used to it by now. This is the pet pimping pass thru gate.

more later ..

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Some People !

This is me, the patient one.

We have a new dog in the house. Mercedes, Mercy for short, is living with us for a few days. She is a golden retriever/Labrador mix. She has been Chasity and Chris' dog since she was a pup. When they moved recently, they could no longer have the dogs. Mercy went to Chasity's mother-in-law's house. Jade, a chihuahua/jack russell mix came to us until we could find her a home. We found a home for Jade with Donovan, a deaf man we know. He needs a dog to alert him to someone at the door. Jade jumps excitedly and runs around when ever someone comes to the door. That is perfect for Donovan.

Chasity called me today as we were driving to Frankfort to get a wheelchair loaner for Sierra. It seems that Cindy, Chris' mom, wanted her to get the dog because Mercy barked and Garrett, her hubby, couldn't sleep. I can understand that. What got me was what happened next. While talking to Chasity, she got a beep. I held while she answered the other call. When she returned, she told me it was Chris on the other line. It seems Cindy had called him to call Chasity to get her to come to her house and feed and water Mercy.

OK. Mercy is outside her door. The dogfood is in her house. She wants Chasity to drive from her house to where she is to feed the dog. It is about a 5 minute drive. No big deal. However, Chasity has a seven month old baby and is home alone. Chris is at work (which Cindy knows, because she called him). This means she expects Chasity, who has worked all day, to get the baby ready and in the car, to drive the 5 minutes to her house to feed the dog the dogfood which is sitting in her house.
OMG !! She can't fill a bowl and walk outside to feed the dog ??

What the heck makes a person think like that?

I told Chasity to do part of it. Go to Cindy's, but not to feed Mercy. Go there, pick her up, and bring her to my place. Tammy and I will take care of her until we can find a home for her.

Mercy is on the floor at my feet. Malcolm is laying beside her. There was much excitement at first. Malcolm loves other animals. This one was a great treat, female and his size, nearly. Mercy is a beautiful blonde. I think Malcolm is in love. At the very least, he is head over heels in lust.

We will see what the days ahead may bring.

Wednesday slipping in

Wednesday is here.

Debbie called from Judge Bunnells office informing me that they need more info on my job search report so they can verify my attempts. I informed them that most of the applications were online and thru The info I gave them was all the info I had. It isn't like going to the mall and visiting all the stores there. The employers use careerbuilders as a buffer between them and applicants. They are not revealed completely. Some give the name and address of the company, but most do not. It is one of the features potential hirers like. They can get applications from those interested without revealing who they are. It is easier to reject someone that does not know who you are.

I did not post last night. We went out for our usual Tuesday night Karaoke date. We had a blast. When we got home I played the replay of the Edwards/Cheney debate. Edwards sounded good. Cheney did a lot of the old 'sling mud and run' debating. I was glad to see that Edwards wasn't flustered by it. He was not drawn down to that level.

Looking over the election advertising, most of the Republican ads have been to attack the character of their opponent. They haven't said much about their platform or what they are going to do for America. They can't. America will not stand thru 4 more of the same.

It is time for a change.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Not yer typical Monday

Here it is Monday again. It is interesting to note that there are several important dates that fall on the same day of the year every year. This year these days fall on Monday. Dad's birthday was on Monday, July 5th. Tammy's birthday was on Monday, August 23rd. My birthday is today, Monday, October 4th. My anniversary is Monday, October 11th. Kyle's birthday is Monday, October 25th. Those are some mighty fine Mondays.

Today has been a great day. I woke up head over heels in love. I am in love with my wife. I am in love with my life. It isn't perfect. It isn't without drama or event. It is, however, far and above, normal. I am surrounded by family and friends that love me without any real good reason to do so.

I think we are all born with a need to be loved. How we go about accomplishing that varies from person to person. With me it is as it is with most. We equate attention with love. We seek attention. You may not try to be the life of the party. You may not try to be the one that everyone calls when they need something. Inside, however, there is something you do to capture the attention of that one that makes your liver quiver. I am not quite sure what I did to catch Tammy's attention, but I hope I never stop doing it. She turns my heart with her smile. She caresses my soul with her touch. I could live without her but it wouldn't be any fun. She lights the fire that is my morning sun.

I called Mom and Dad at 8:07 AM to thank them for giving birth to and raising me.

All of my kids called today to wish me happy birthday. That is way cool. In the middle of all the important things they do, they took time to stop and call 'old' dad. They will tell you that they don't have that many important things to do, but don't listen to them. They do. They are busy being Moms and wives. Heather is busy being a 16 years old about to turn 17. It means a lot to be remembered.

Tammy and the kids got me presents. I am very very very hard to buy for, for a couple reasons. If you ask me what I want, I will tell you that I want nothing. To me, birthdays and Christmas is more about the reason rather than the gift. Wish me happy birthday and you have given me enough. Then there is the fact that if I need anything, I go buy it. If I want something, I usually do the same. So there are few things that I really want or need that I don't already have. Tough as it was, they got me things. They gave me a beautiful blue Starter shirt, a bottle of Avatar, and a glorious lead crystal snowball candle base. I love candles. The kids wrote their own cards, which was just about the coolest thing ever. Tammy is cooking an extravagant meal. There is shrimp scampi, shrimp, lobster tail,crab legs, baked taters, and rolls. Too Cool.

Speaking of said meal, it is ready now.

Bon appetite.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Early Sunday

It is nearly noon on a sunny Sunday. It has been a full weekend so far. We had the power karaoke lunch Friday. Then went out Friday night to sing a few. Then was up at 4:30 AM Saturday to work 9 hours. We went out Saturday night for a grope fest karaoke reunion. The 11th Frame Lounge (where we used to go to sing) has got karaoke back on Saturday nights. A few of the roomies were gonna be there so we went for a visit. It is good to see everyone and sing a song or five.
I could tell we were spoiled to Todd's system. Glenn (who does the karaoke at the Frame) doesn't have his mics as hot. By the end of the night for us, he had turned them up, at our insistence. We left there later than we should have, got to bed later than we should have, and got up way too early (5AM).
Check out went well today. We were done in 4 hours. It looks like I will be working next weekend as well. Hey, I can do the 'on 2 off 5' thing.

More to come ......

Friday, October 01, 2004

Power Karaoke Lunch

We went to Todd's for lunch today with some of the group. We took 8 yr old Kyle and 13 yr old Chella. After we had food and the cook/waitress/bartender/DJ wasn't too busy, we turned on the karaoke and sang a bit. More folks came so Tanya (the afore mentioned all in one) got busy cooking once again. She showed me how to work the Karaoke and the music continued. At one point, Tanya and her 6 year old karaoked together. It was so cute. Kyle and I sang together twice. We did "I wanna talk about me" and "American Soldier". Tammy sang a few and Chella joined her in a couple. Jonathon, a new to the meets roomie, sang one. Good job. I sang about 20. Tammy called me the mic hog. HEY, I only sang while waiting for others.
Anyway, we had a blast. I added a few new tunes to my growing list.

Several friends have suggested that I open a place since I love to sing and cook, and I don't drink. I could combine a few hobbies and not drink all my profits. I did have some backers once, but the primary place we wanted fell through and we couldn't find anything else suitable. I do understand that the place we had our sights set on first is now available again. Looking in my rolodex for those money men's numbers.

3 debates in 1

I watched all 3 debates last night.

There was the one that the republicans says GW clearly won

There was the one that the democrats say JK clearly won

Then there was the one that the undecided American voter watched. As the debate was going on, I was online registering my vote on how well both of the candidates did. I noticed that the majority of the voting occurred in the few seconds following the asking of the question. People weren't thinking about their answers. They were blindly voting for the candidate they have already decided to back. The real question then, lies with the Americans that are undecided. I am not an undecided American. I have chosen my candidate and last nights debate only strengthened my resolve.
I anxiously await the Vice Presidential debate and the next and final round of presidential debates.

The face of the globe is changing. This is a vital election. The Russian president is garnering more power. He has taken over Russian TV. He has gathered more power into his office. North Korea has nuclear weapons. We will soon have a new pope. The entire face of the world is about to shift. We need to be sure we elect a President that is ready to stand strong in the face of that shift.