Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It is still all about being safe, isn't it?

A couple days ago, I ventured down the hall to the welding shop. As I got close to the door, a shower of sparks cascaded from the door of the carpentry shop. It seems that one of the students was doing some modification on the metal door frame with a grinder and cutting wheel. He was under the direction of the carpentry instructor. This Instructor (and I use that term loosely) is a certified trainer for OSHA. He is, according to him, all about safety.

I went into the welding shop and completed what I wanted to do. When I came out, the student was still cutting. The instructor "RB" told me that they were doing modifications on the door. The student doing the cutting, the instructor, and another student watching were only wearing safety glasses. Safety regulations state that any cutting and/or grinding operation, requires a full face shield must be worn. I asked "RB" why his student was using only safety glasses and not a face shield. By his proximity and the proximity of the second student, both should have been wearing them as well. His reply. "we are almost done now."

It is OK to be unsafe if you are almost done ?

Accidents can't happen if you are almost done ?

What kind of lesson does this teach the kids ?

It teaches them that safety is a word. It is not a belief. It is not something with which to be overly concerned. It is something that can be skirted if you think you can get away with it.

OSHA was founded in 1971. It is regulated by the Dept. Of Labor. Since it began, it has reduced construction fatalities by 45%. Those are great facts, but they are useless unless we really teach that it IS all about the safety.

His students are currently working on a wall in my shop for my students to use in residential wiring training and projects. They routinely work on the top of the ladder. They do not wear safety harnesses. They climb the wood braces instead of the ladder. I stopped counting the safety violations.

I think, as a project for my class, I may let them observe this class in action and write down all the safety violations they see. I wonder how "RB" would like that. He is a pompous know it all never make a mistake kind of guy. You know, the kind you just love.


Monday, August 29, 2005


This was the word of the weekend. 3 of the 4 grandkids stayed the weekend with us. I think Tammy and I said 'no' more this weekend than we have said in the last few months. The oldest, Chris, has no concept of exactly what 'no' means.

This is partially due to his manipulation tactics that work on my daughter, and partially due to his dad's family. "A" is not married to Chris's dad. So, "C" sees his dad a couple times a month. While seeing his dad, "C" is treated to anything, and his grandparents on that side, never tell him 'no'. So, even when he hears the word, it doesn't register.

He is just a cut above a 6 year old. He is a bit hyper, a bit spoiled, a bit obsessive compulsive, and a bit young. All of these make for a clash with me, much older, much calmer, slightly spoiled(Thanks to Tammy), and mostly in control of my OC. So, the 15th time he asked the same question (usually in under a minute), it got a little nervy. OMiGosh, and he is the master of the pitiful look. He can snap one of those out in a heartbeat. It is difficult to come to the conclusion that a kid is not a good kid, and I am not saying that about "C". He has the potential to be a great kid, as do most kids. He needs to be guided into that path.

"K1" was not as bad. He did feed off his older brother at times, but if he was alone, he was very docile. He is a good kid. He can be a bit rowdy at times. He can be mischievous when he wants to be. When "C" did his 'can we' over and over routine, "K1" played into it. I can't say that he wouldn't instigate it on his own, but he never has to. "C" is always there for that.

"K2" was the angel, mostly. She is my only granddaughter. She told her mom that she didn't want to come to papaw's house because of the big dog. Regular readers know that big dog is Malcolm, an 85 pound Boxer. By Saturday night, she was curled up on the floor in the bedroom, laying with and on Malcolm. She loved him by the time she left. She did get scared once or twice, but overcame that. Malcolm likes to play and can play very rough if he thinks you are up to it. He plays with my 18 month old grandson, and has since he was born. He plays gentle as necessary. The issue was when the kids would grab him and then run. This is a signal to Malcolm to play. He gives chase. They panic when they see him coming. They still need to learn to stop, and tell him "No". Oh yeah, they do understand the word when they use it.

It was K2's birthday on the Thursday before coming to the house. We got her a Birthday Cookie and a shirt, to which I affixed iron on transfers of Strawberry Shortcake. She loved both. We waited until A was picking them up, so she could join in the festivities.

It wasn't a bad weekend. It was just different in a harried sense. I am willing to do it all again ... in a few years ... lol.

Friday, August 26, 2005

The work week comes to an end

Friday has arrived.

I gave a safety test to all my classes. We have concentrated on being safe in the shop and in real life. The students are required to pass the test with at least an 80% to be able to work in the shop. Everyone passed eventually. If they didn't make at least an 80%, they have to retake the test until they can pass. There were a few that had to retake it.
On Thursday I got 4 new students in my afternoon classes. They are all from Estill Co. They are all young ladies. They took and retook the test, based soley on the handout I gave all my students, the day before. They did well, and better the second time.

Tonight will be karaoke.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Got yer seatbelt on ?

I was driving to work this morning when a news update report came on the radio. One of the local TV stations is owned by the same company as several of the local radio stations, so they give little snippets of the news to entice you to tune in. This morning there was a particular part of that report that grabbed my attention.

The story went like this:
"Two people were killed when their Honda Odyessy was hit by a semi on the interstate. The back half of the mini van was attached to the front of the semi. The front half was in the median. Both victims were wearing their seatbelts."

What ?!?!?!?

I am extremely sorry that two people were killed. It is never a joke when someone dies. That being said, however, I fail to see the significance of reporting that they were both wearing their seatbelts. Would it have been more tragic if they weren't wearing seatbelts? Is it going to give a measure of comfort to the grieving family to know they were wearing their seatbelts while being killed in a car accident? I am thinking that in a minivan/semi tussle, seatbelts are a moot point.

I wonder if they report it that way in Beruit ?

"A local suicide bomber destroyed a convenience store today when the bombs in his 92 Toyota Corolla exploded. Two pedestrians were killed. The bomber WAS wearing his seatbelt."

Sorry if you are offended or related to the victims. It just struck me as an odd commentary to a tragic tale.

Got yer seatbelt on ?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A cereal to help you get 'up' in the mornings

A few weeks ago, I saw an ad on TV that went like this:

A guy with a mic and a box of cereal approached a couple outside their home. The man has slumped shoulders and is apparently getting ready to leave for work. The Mic guy asks him if he would like to try this cereal the will give him more ( and he does an upward circular motion with his hand and arm) 'umph' in the morning.

"More 'umph' in the morning," the man queries.

"Yes," says the mic guy.

This week, I see another ad for the same cereal. Same actors. This time they are inside the house. The mic guy is asking if the cereal has made a difference. The previously slumping man is all smiles and has his chest out. "Yes," he says. He claims he has more (arms and hand in the circular motion upward) 'umph' in the morning. They are both sitting there with their fists in the air. The wife is beside the hubby, grinning and shaking her emphatically yes.

OK. Now we have an aphrodisiatic breakfast cereal ?

It is obvious the intent with all the fist in the air phallic symbolism what the intended message has to be. Add to that the wife, grinning for ear to ear a freshly screwed grin, and the conclusion is obvious.

I am not one of those people that sees sex everywhere. I didn't see dirty words in the clouds of which ever one of the Disney cartoons that supposedly had it there. I think it was the Loin King.

I am not sexually repressed and therefore seeing sexual messages in everything. This is blatant.

It is not one of the fruity, chocolatey, sugary cereals that are advertised for kids. It is an adult, come back the breakfast bowl, cereal.

Just what we need .. A new boner cereal.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Just thanks

Thanks to Mrs. Sweet for putting a love of reading deeper inside me.
Thanks to Mr. Martin Knox for letting me know that math can be fun.
Thanks to Mr. John Renfro for letting me play with my love of acting.

Thanks to all the other teachers that encouraged me along the way. You provided a base from which I could launch into my life.

I only pray that some day, some student looks back over his/her life and says a silent thanks for my efforts.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Backing from the precipice .. Another life changing moment

I was watching "Good Will Hunting" last night about 2 AM. There was the one scene when Damon and Driver were in the bed and she tells him she wants him to go to California with her, and he panics, freaks, and tells her that he does not love her (idiot). It reminded me of me.

During the first separation my Ex and I had, I began talking to a girl from Hawaii. Her name was Donna. She was still married, but she and hubby had discussed the divorce and were waiting until they had things in order to make the final separation and move. He knew we were talking and even talked with me a time or two.

One of the things that Donna and I discussed early on, was our respective marriages and the place we were in them. She encouraged me to try to make it work with my Ex. She wanted me to be sure I had exhausted all my efforts and would, therefore, have no "maybe I should haves" to interfere with subsequent relationships. Both of us were in vulnerable places. Both of us wanted desperately to have someone to love but didn't want to be in a position to be hurt again. I know the two are diametrically opposed. Part of being in love is putting your head and heart on the chopping block and handing that someone the executioners ax for safe keeping.

Another thing we discussed very early on, was a getaway. If, at anytime in the relationship (it was not a love relationship at the time), either of us wanted to stop it, we had the right, without a long arduous battle. Good-bye meant good-bye. It was our safety clause, so to speak.

Anyway .. back to the precipice .. or at least near it. Donna and I spoke often. There was a 6 hour time difference, so my late afternoon was her late morning. We talked for hours at a time thanks to calling cards where I could talk for 1 to 2 cents a minute. We grew closer. Her hubby even found me a job there in Hawaii. I could move there anytime I wished.

Donna made plans to fly to KY to meet me.

The Ex heard about this thru one of the daughters. She decided, upon hearing this news, that she wanted to discuss reconciliation. We talked and decided to give it another try. She insisted I call Donna while she was there to tell her good-bye. I did this. I broke her heart. True to our agreement, there was no prolonged conversation. It was short and not sweet at all.

Time passed and it was difficult. There was no intimacy between the Ex and I. She let me know, for the time being, she could not be intimate with me. ("time being" turned out to be 3 yrs and then we divorced) In part of that, I did hear from Donna. She was going thru with her plans to visit KY and would use that opportunity to tell me good-bye in person to allow us the closure we needed.

I met this beautiful fragile flower and spent the day showing her parts of my state. In the end, we did as she planned. We said good bye.

I had walked to the precipice and backed away. The tumultuous situation I knew was less fearful than the leap across into new territory. I panicked. After Donna and I said our tearful good-byes, and she was on her way back home, I realized the opportunity I had lost. I don't know if she and I would have been a forever love. I know, at the time, she touched my heart in places it yearned to be touched. I wouldn't go back now and make it different except to take away the pain of that one phone call. I could not live 4445 miles from my children, so, it is a moot point as to whether I would have ever moved there. I had a job offer there once before while I was still married years earlier.

It did change me. I have learned to be more trusting of my first instincts. I have learned that the consequences of not trying far exceed the consequences of trying and failing.

There were fears in my relationship with Tammy. I was afraid (and sometimes still am) that she will tire of me. I worry that the burden of taking care of me will become to burdensome some day. She assures me that will never happen. It would assuage my fears for the while, but they come back to nip at my heels from time to time.

Still, from this cliff, I did not back away. I ran. I jumped. I flew. I am still flying.

Friday, August 19, 2005

I want it

Just because it ain't broke ..

Tammy was reading a book about women that love too much. It spoke volumes to her concerning her past relationships. It explained to her many of her actions and/or decisions. It was not a cookie cutter book about her life, but it did shine a light in a few dark places.

She told me, after reading the book, that one of the things that scared her greatly about dating, or having a relationship with me, was that I didn't need to be fixed. Most of her other relationships (not that there were that many) were with men that needed fixing. She has a wounded bird syndrome. She needs to be fixing things. She can't help it. She is forever bringing home strays (and those aren't always animals.) She, and her children, are always adopting broken people. This is not always a good thing. It isn't always a bad thing. It is just a thing.

I scared her because I wasn't broken. I didn't seem to need any fixing. I was fully developed and mostly comfortable in my life.

(One of the strengthening factors of earlier age relationships is the process of growing together. We grow together, since neither party were fully developed individually. That is conversely the problem in secondary or late life relationships. The individuals are defined. Their differences are schisms rather than opportunities. They have had most of a lifetime to develop who they are. Differences are places of division instead of places of growth opportunity.)

I had my problems, believe that, but I didn't come looking for her to fix me. We have faced problems and situations that have tried us and they made us stronger together. That is what a relationship is about. Love grows stronger when it reaches across a difference. I do not propose that one looks for trouble to strengthen any relationship. Troubles will come on their own without any assistance from anyone. In those times, you will either bond or they will drive a wedge between you and your partner.

We have used our troubles to strengthen our resolve. We are more committed than ever to being together. However, being together for us, is not a chore, but a pleasure.

I still scare her. I still ain't looking for a fix. It is a good scare, though.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Life changes

One of the more recent of my life changes is Tammy.

After my divorce (after 20 yrs of marriage), I had decided that I really wasn't looking to be married anytime soon. My Ex swore that I would remarry quickly, because I didn't like to be alone. Part of that was me not liking to spend time with me. I wasn't comfortable with who I was anymore. Let me assure you, if you do not like yourself, you are going to be a miserable person. I really couldn't see sharing that misery with anyone else. (My ex was married within 4 months of the divorce.)

In spite of this, I did date. One of those dates developed into a relationship with a psycho. This gal was extremely jealous. She was jealous if I picked my kids up from the ex without her. She insisted on being present whenever I picked them up or dropped them off. On more than one occasion, she questioned my closeness (in standing proximity) to my Ex while talking about the kids. The Ex married an abusive man and I was there for her several times. This always got the best of her. Eventually, we parted ways, but not before I had to threaten to have her arrested if she didn't leave my place (long story). This was one year out.

After her, I met Alex. Alex is a great woman, who remains a great friend to this day. Alex lives in Florida. She would fly to see me. I would fly to see her. Eventually, distance and differences ended the romantic part of our relationship, but not before I came out of my box. I learned to begin liking myself.

Three more years and a couple relationships souring later, I met Tammy. She scared me. She was so easy to like. It was much easier to lose myself in her eyes. From the first time we really sat down and talked unto now, she has been easy to talk with.

I was at a place in my life where I needed to make changes. I was a floater. A floater is a person that is just drifting through life. That is where I was. Everything was okay in my life, but I wasn't making any impact or difference. I was a planet with no moon. I could drop off the planet and people would miss me, but there would be no significant impact. I had no roots. I was loved by my family and my children. They would grieve me, but for the most part, my passing would go unnoticed.

I was head over heels in love with Tammy, but I needed more. I needed promises. I needed commitment. I needed to be working on and towards something. I needed roots and stars. I needed something to tie me down to reality, to make the stars seem brighter. Without reality, dreams lose their definition. Without roots, goals are never obtainable. It wasn't Tammy that was going to be my roots. It was our unique and diversely special relationship. It was my willingness (finally) to become committed completely.

In the middle of my single years, I dated and lived with one particular woman. Even then, I kept my unused apartment in Lexington while living with her in another city. I couldn't let go of it. I couldn't commit fully. In mine and Tammy's relationship, I found the place where I could give my all to one person. I found my love. I found my heart and soul.

In the past forty months, my life has changed profoundly. I have a new wife and a new best friend. I have a new career which challenges and rewards me. I have 4 new children. I have a partner.

Profoundly changed.

Changing events

I have been thinking about events that have changed me or at least helped shape me in major ways ..
more to follow ..
For now .. School

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The taxes will get ya ...

If you take a bribe, or embezzle money, accept illegal contributions, or otherwise make cash on illegal transactions, remember to pay your taxes.

It seems that a state Supreme Court Justice in Mississippi has been cleared of bribery charges, but now faces tax evasion charges. He had income he forget to report. How DO you list that on your 1040 ? I looked and there was no box for illegally obtained funds.

I remember one of my former union bosses. JP would sell you a union book for $4K to $7K. This meant, that for money, you could get a union card saying you were a journeyman wireman electrician without ever attending a class or working as an apprentice. A man or woman with no experience or training could walk in off the street and walk back out the door as an electrician (in name only).

Many members were aware and reported said actions of the international union. This did no good. Every book he sold meant more money in the international coffers. They were willing to turn their blind eye to this. Even today, they have programs which legitimize the process by eliminating the "fee" and requiring some experience, but a person can still get in without the benefit of the same training I was required to have. (but I digress)

Eventually, some member had the bright idea, instead of reporting him to IO, they would try the Feds. While they could find no legal grounds to stop his practice, what they did find was 'tax evasion'. It seems that the money he was making for these 'books' was going unreported. Quicker than you could say, "I am an agent of the IRS and I want all your money," he was in jail.
Old TV detective Barreta used to say, "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time." I think we need to revise that to , "Don't do the crime, unless you are planning on paying taxes on it, in which case the gov't says OKAY."

So, all you corrupt politicians out there (with nothing better to do then scan and read blogs), take heed. Pay taxes on your dirty deed. A tax dollar a day keeps the IRS man away !

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Moms Birthday


We are lives colliding in the cosmos,
everyone in my life leaves their impact
some have just a glancing effect,
while others create lasting impressions

From childhood until today,
people have weaved their way
in and out of my life,
in a circular procession

Some live in the circle of love,
some in the circle of trust
Some never leave
the circle of the heart desired

Different areas and varying levels,
school, work, neighborhoods
common markets and regular gas stations,
an open life, willing to be inspired

Before I knew me,
She knew me
she has impacted my life
more than any other

Her love taught me what love is,
Her caring, the truth of compassion
She held justice and mercy in balance,
as is the way of every mother

There is no higher calling,
no harder job, no greater reward
no more complete satisfaction,
than the joys of a mother

For all the impressions and impacts in my life,
this is the greatest
Know this today, your day,
more than any other

With forever love
Your Son
August 14, 2005

Friday, August 12, 2005

First and last

Today is the last day of the school week, but the first full day the students will have. All this week their morning has been altered. They have been in AA (homeroom) getting all the things kids need these days to be ready for the rest of the school year. The schedule has been erratic, and it is difficult to teach when they are not on a schedule. Some classes I have had for just 30 minutes while others I have had for 90 minutes. Today, we will catch all the classes up to the same page. They will get their syllabi and know the expectations. Kids learn better when they know what you expect of them.

Today is the last day to turn in their information packs for extra credit. All my kids started off with an "A". They all have 100's. The information pact is a packet of necessary information and forms that must be signed by parents. They get 10 points extra to apply to any test or project if it is signed and back by today. Nearly half have already returned then.

Then, it is, paper work finished, time to learn.

We will begin with safety.

On to the great unknown !

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The first day passed without incident

The first day with students was yesterday.

In my first/second period I have about 10 new 'eager to learn electricity' faces. I have a girl in the class. She came in and noticed she was the only girl. "Am I the only girl," she asked. "you are ... for now," was my response. She settled in and didn't seem to be intimidated beyond that point. I am sure that will work to her advantage.

Third block is my old class. They are the returnees. They decided that I didn't do so bad last year and would come back for dose # 2.

Fourth block is another group of newbies.

There were a few things that had to be fixed. I had one newbie in the second year class and one oldie in the new class. I called the counselors and got that switched. Also, in my first class, which covers two 45-50 minute periods, I had 3 students that were only there for the second half. This is not good. They will be missing a good deal of the teaching and would spend the year trying to catch up. I called their counselors (after discussing that with the students in question) and got them switched to have my class for the full 90 or so minutes.

It went smoothly the first day. We will see how long that continues.

On the bad news front, we learned yesterday that our principal is leaving for another school. We will have an interim principal after the 19th of this month, continuing on until a replacement is hired. I will miss Joe. He has been a great help to me in my first year.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I was reading one of my regular blogs where the writer was talking about growing up near a farm and being friends with the family that owned/worked the farm. It brought back memories of my childhood.

I was fortunate to live on 2 farms for periods while I was growing up. The first was in the county where I am now teaching. I was 7 years old then. We lived there for a year. We had chickens and a horse. What more could a boy want?

The second was a farm where I lived from my high school sophomore year til I got married after a year of college. There we had cows and a horse. My father was an electrician that did some farming. We had a football field sized garden. It was 300 ft x 150 ft. I worked the garden, feed the cows, dug fence post holes, cleared tree lines, hauled hay, hauled water, and went to school.

I remember an incident in particular, a cow died in birthing. Her calf was a bull. We fed the calf with a bucket that had a nipple attached to the side at the bottom. I was trying to feed him one very hot summer day in the swelter of the barn. I decided to take him up the hill to the house. In the garage, it was cooler.

I put him across my shoulders and away I went. I trudged up the hill to the house. It was about 200 yards. I fed him and then tossed him over my shoulder and back to the barn we went. Half way, I felt something hot and wet running down my back. Without thinking (who does .. In a situation like that) I looked over and caught the smell of fresh bull urine. I gagged. I puked. There I was, in the middle of the field, holding down the calf, and not holding down anything else. I was 16 years old. To this day, strong odors can cause the gag reflex.

When Audrey (now 25) was a baby, I would change her diapers with a cloth diaper tied across my face like the old style bandits in old westerns. I can see that coming out in a therapy session some day.

I love that memory.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Not the end ...

This occured at the feeder school where I teach Electricity ...

Poole walks free after charge dropped

By TIM WELDON/Sun Staff Writer

Whether Winchester teenager William Poole wanted to orchestrate an armed takeover of George Rogers Clark High School, where he was enrolled as a junior, or whether his chilling writings were nothing more than a science fiction story as he claims, likely never will be resolved with a guilty or not guilty verdict in a court of law.

Tuesday, Clark County District Court Judge Brandy Oliver Brown dismissed a misdemeanor indictment that had charged Poole, 18, with criminal attempt to commit terroristic threatening. A short time later, Brown sustained a defense motion granting Poole shock probation after Poole served four months of a six-month sentence for contempt of court.

At 5:49 p.m. Tuesday, Poole walked out of the Clark County Detention Center, where he had been incarcerated since March.

Poole drew international attention following his arrest on felony terroristic threatening charges. Police and prosecutors allege Poole tried to solicit fellow students to join an organization that would take over an unnamed school. However, following his arrest, Poole claimed the writings were a fictional story about zombies taking over a school. His statements resulted in an outpouring of support for Poole from civil rights activists and on Internet blogs and message boards from people who accused authorities of being overzealous in enforcing the law.

Brown agreed with Poole's attorney, Brian Barker, who claimed the grand jury's indictment failed to state a criminal offense. Barker argued criminal attempt would require an overt act on Poole's part, something he says prosecutors failed to demonstrate.

Even Assistant County Attorney John Keeton was forced to concede the point. He told Brown there is no documented record of a conviction anywhere in Kentucky on a charge of attempt to commit terroristic threatening.

"Very simply put, the Commonwealth is unable to put forth statutory authority for prosecution of the offense," Keeton wrote. "It is not at all clear that the legislature contemplated such a crime as 'Attempted Terroristic Threatening,'" Keeton stated. "While the alleged conduct of Mr. Poole is very disturbing, it does no justice to our system, or to Mr. Poole, to try him on a charge that strains statutory interpretation."

Barker appeared to bristle at the notion that a legal technicality was responsible for the dismissal of the charges against Poole.

"I would say the grand jury carefully considered the matter. In the end, the grand jury decided there was not enough evidence to substantiate the claim. I submit that William was found to be not guilty based on the facts of the case," Barker stated.

However, Keeton retorted that since the case was never resolved through a trial, the question of whether Poole was found not guilty was never resolved.

Brown's dismissal of the criminal case against Poole opened the door to her granting Barker's motion for shock probation. Poole was found guilty of contempt in March when he violated the terms of his bond by going onto school property with a friend. Brown sentenced Poole to six months in jail.

Brown, who indicated that she seldom grants requests for shock probation, told Poole she was approving it in his case in order "to have something to hold over your head."

Had Poole served the remaining two months of his sentence for contempt, Brown would have been powerless to place any conditions upon his release. By granting his request for shock probation, Brown was able to set strict guidelines that Poole must follow for the next two years or risk being arrested for contempt and returning to jail.

Under the terms of his release, Brown is requiring that Poole reside with his grandparents, Kenneth and Joyce Craft, with whom he lived for approximately one year prior to his arrest. Brown instructed the Crafts to report any violations to police.

Poole is also required to take medication for an unspecified psychological disorder and follow recommendations made by mental health professionals. He is not allowed to be on any public or private school property, nor associate with any students. Brown also ordered Poole to follow his grandparents' house rules.

During the hearing, Poole's grandfather told Brown that prior to his arrest, Poole was an "angry young man" who didn't follow rules and didn't respect authority. "He needs psychological help," Craft said. "He needs to be evaluated."

Poole has received psychological evaluations. Before agreeing to release him from custody, Brown waited on a written statement from mental health professionals who concluded Poole does not require inpatient treatment for his psychological disorder, nor is he a danger to himself or others.

Brown implored Poole to take the terms of his probation seriously.
"A lot of people consider you to be dangerous. I'm praying you're not. I'm going to roll the dice," she said.

"Nobody's going to forget the nature of the charge," Brown added. "Nobody's going to say what you did was A-OK. It failed to meet legal standards. But it does not mean you should walk out and think you did nothing wrong. I don't want you to think it was bogus."

Detective Steve Caudill, who led the Winchester Police Department's investigation into the allegations, noted he has detected a change in Poole's personality since his arrest. "I'm optimistic," Caudill said when asked if he believed Poole can comply with the conditions placed on him and avoid returning to jail.

Brown dismissed the indictment against Poole without prejudice, meaning a future grand jury could, theoretically, reconsider Poole's case and return felony charges against him.

Barker indicated that Poole wants to complete his education. However, without being allowed on school property nor to associate with any students, it's unclear how that will be accomplished.
Brown delivered a final lecture to Poole. "If you haven't learned anything by going through this, you've lost a very valuable learning experience," she implored. "I'm hoping I won't see you again."

Poole replied, "You never will."

Then Poole was handcuffed for the one block walk between the Gov. James Clark Judicial Center and the jail. As he left the courtroom he smiled for a television camera trained on him and exclaimed, "I'm glad I get to go home."

Sunday, August 07, 2005

School is starting soon

I will have students on Tuesday.

Hard to imagine, but I am more nervous this year than I was last year. Last year, I didn't have time to be nervous. I put 9 months instruction into 4.5 months. There was only time for teaching and no time for much else.

This year, however, I have 9 months to do what I need to do. I, also, have the classes I have taken over the summer to increase the pressure, because I know more of what is expected. The increases the pressure, and the respect I have for every teacher that had to put up with me.

The last class, which I reported about in the middle of, was the New Teacher Institute training. I had to teach in front of professional teachers and my peers. The professors that were instructing us were now grading us. I got 153 points out of a possible 168. That gave me a 91%. Then, we had a test on the classes we had attended. On that, I got an 86%. That gave me an 88.5% for the class. I passed. The state requires us to pass with at least 70%.

I have to take classes to get my Associates Degree in Education. I have 10 years to do so. I am required to take at least 6 hours per year, but am not limited to that much. I have heard it both ways from other teachers. Some say that 6 is plenty, others say that more is the answer. I will see.

It will be fun to take my new found knowledge into the classroom and see if I can use it to help the kids to learn.

For now ... Supper is here.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Greetings from the 6th floor of the Holiday Inn of Frankfort. I have had 8 two hour classes, each taught by an active proffesor in the field of the class he or she teaches. The classes are great. More to come ...