Tuesday, December 21, 2004

disposable lives

No one walks where you walked.
No one says my name as you did.
How is it you are so easily gone?
In one moment … There until I heard … and then gone.
Why can’t the world cry with me?
Why does the sun still shine?
Why does the day come and go?
Why doesn’t everyone know?
Why doesn’t everyone show?
My heart is rent in two.

A disposable life has vanished,
and the gap was filled as quickly as it appeared,
but inside of me there is a hole.
Time has not filled it.
Well wishes have not covered it.
Although life goes on,
I am dragging this rip behind me,
trying to understand your disposable life.
I want to rage against it,
but I do not have the courage,
and you have left me all alone.

Others have lain it down and walked away,
leaving me alone to carry this,
the obsession of my folly,
defending this disposable life.

Willfully and purposefully,
You went away,
Taking a part of me,
with your disposable life.

December 20, 2004

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