Wednesday, December 01, 2004

It must be lawyer day

We have talked to half a dozen lawyers today.

Tammy called to find out some info on her workers comp claim. We have appointments with two of them. The funniest part of it all was that when Tammy finished with her questions about workers comp, she went on to talk to them about the accident, child support case, and my disability claim. They love to talk. They just love to tell you all they know about the law, whether you are paying them or not.
I remember when I had my real estate license, we were cautioned about telling too much information. Your income is in your knowledge. Don't give it away for nothing. Some of these lawyers haven't learned this lesson.

It seems that the general consensus is that KEMI is dicking us around. One of the lawyers told her what the DR in Louisville told her before she told him. This DR is a litigation DR. He only takes cases of workers comp to help them break the case. The lawyer said this DR should be put out of business.

Tammy did some checking online. We don't necessarily need a lawyer to file against KEMI, but if we file without one, we will be held to the same standard as lawyers. There is a sliding scale for the lawyers compensation.
20% of the first $25K
10% of the next $15K
5% of anything above that

I am also having David, a friend that is an attorney, look over the contract from the publishing company, this weekend when we are at his house for a CPR class.

47 years and I haven't had a lawyer in my life. This is not lawyer day. It is lawyer year.

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