Wednesday, February 13, 2008

V Day approaches ...

and of course, the romantics in us all clamor for attention.

I told TJ that I had an unfair advantage as a poet in the personal gifts department. I had to do something spectacular, therefore.

Here is what I did: I took a black box that a pocketwatch came in and decorated it with sand, and fish on the sides all around. I put stars on the top lid. On the lid inside, I put some 3D roses with stems stickers. Then I put hearts and stars (little hard cardboard ones from the WalMart craft aisle) inside the box.

Now, just in case you are totally confused as to the signifigance of all these things, here is the poem I wrote for her:

The Day of My Valentine

So many days
So many ways
I love you

But there is a day coming
That I am expected to show you
Just how much I love you

To accomplish this,
I must bring you the oceans
And, I mustn’t forget the stars
Nor the heavens, which contain them

I must bring you
The essence of laughter
The soul of tears
And the plethora of everything between

If I try to bring to you
All the things you have brought to me
The oceans bed, now empty
Will not hold them
The heavens expanse, now devoid of stars
Cannot contain them

As the oceans tide lays down
And the stars fade from view
The love you have given to me
Still roars against the shore
And shines out above the rest

What can I give
To show the depth and breadth
How can I clarify
What words cannot describe

How can I
In one unabridged attempt
Show the overflowing of my heart
From the infilling of your love

What hope do I have
Except to know
That you know
Already ….

The ocean in the blue of my eyes
The stars in their sparkle
The laughter and the tears
That we have mixed
And the simple truth of the love we share

It just is … and that is enough … always

To my ‘Heart & Soul’
February 12, 2008

Happy Valentines Day to everyone.