Sunday, October 30, 2005

Slow Sunday and BAM !

It was a good Sunday. It was a slow day.

Last night, the family stayed up late playing UNO. We had a blast. Chella even gave up phone time with Justin for it. I (gasp) stayed off the computer. The TV was off for all practical purposes (it was one of the satellite music channels, providing background noise.) There was laughter and more laughter.

This morning was a slow starter. We didn't get moving around much until nearly noon. Tammy and I went to pick up the pics from Saturday morning. They turned out great. There were some great fall color shots.

We ventured over to the parental units house to see if we could figure out the trouble with Dad's new DVD/VCR combo. It was a problem with the machine, not the hook-up. It was great to see them. Mom is looking fantastic. Her color has returned. She is more mom than she was last time we saw her.

Then, later this evening, BAM !

Kyle (as you remember just turned 10) started a big discussion with a question about the soul. Who makes the soul and at what point ? Does God make the soul and put it in ? Do we as humans create that soul at conception ? This went into a discussion about people being born to certain destinies. It wandered over into free choice and how we have free choice if God knows everything. He knows we will fail or succeed, so how much choice do we really have ? Tammy and I have some different views about some of that. It was a challenging discussion.

Shortly after it died from the realization that we will see differently about this and no amount of discussion will change that, Kyle went back to being 10 and seeing if he could stretch 30 minutes more out of his bedtime.

So it goes. The ebb and tide of living. I wouldn't trade my life for anything. It frustrates and challenges me. It raises my passions in many facets. It sure beats a dull evening of Hee-Haw reruns.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Be unique, like everyone else

Tammy and I were talking this afternoon, while we were out, driving in the country to take photos of the changing colors of the trees. I asked about a new term I have seen and heard the kids using lately. The term is inconsequential. What was of consequence, was the discussion that followed.

We talked about the music group the kids are following. The kids pride themselves in being independent thinkers. They are sheep. They follow this group blindly for the most part. They collect their expensive paraphernalia. They even mark their bodies with the symbols of this group. The soda they drink is even the soda endorsed by this group. They are so immersed in this 'out of the mainstream' group that they don't even realize they are just like the rest of society that they disdain for following tradition.

Don't get me wrong. I don't believe tradition is to be followed just because it is tradition. On the other hand, I don't believe either, that something should be tossed for the sole reason that it is an old notion. Honor and integrity are old notions, but they are also good ones. We don't need to toss them because they have been around for years.

I further believe free independent thinkers are the cornerstone of progression. As a society, we need to progress. We need to be a growing changing entity. Without change, we become stagnant. Change for the pure sake of change is never a good thing.

Neither is blindly accepting the path that is laid in front of you by any icon you choose, be it civil, religious, or musical. Question what you believe, but be prepared for the answers. Sometimes, the change that comes is just what was needed. Sometimes, holding the status quo, it the right way to go. It is the free thinker that knows and accepts that there are times that someone has already had the best idea.

Sometimes, you have to be unique, like everyone else.

Friday, October 28, 2005

The Halloween events will now commence.

Tonight, Tammy and I are going to a costume party at the 11th Frame Lounge. We will be going as the King and Queen of LexChat. It is a long story how we came to carry such titles.

About six years ago, AOL was creating Digital Cities, which included new conference rooms with a maximum of 46 participants. When I found the one for Lexington, there were only 5 participants in the room. That was early in the year. Around July of that year, we decided to meet at a local restaurant. That first meeting included 6 people. As the number of chatters grew, so did the number at the meets. We eventually found the 11th Frame Lounge and karaoke. In December of that year, we had over 100 people attend our first LexChat Christmas party.

The room has grown since then. Originally, I kept a list of all the chatters and sent massive emails out about all the meets and greets. A few years ago, I created a group's page for the members of LexChat. This allowed every member of the group to send emails to all the other members. It took a load of emailing off my mind.

A couple years ago, I added Tammy as a co-owner of the group's page. We took care of the summer picnics and coordinated other events until last year. All the members have called us the King and Queen of LexChat for years. This year, we will look like the king and queen.

Tammy won a Z103 Halloween pack this morning. It included a Nickelback CD, coupons for Gold Star Chili, and 4 tickets to Paramount's Kings Island. The tickets are good for next weekend. Looks like our plans are made.

Pain level is lower today, which is a good thing, for me, and for my students. They think I must be bi-polar. I think I scared them today. I dressed in a nice shirt and necktie for work today. They have me leaving for a new job now. They think I have a job interview. It is funny the things they come up with, with little or no information. I just smile and let their minds wander.

It reminds me of a sticker I saw once. "Don't let your mind wander. It is much too small to be out on it's own."

The weekend beckons. Y'all be good now, ya hear ?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pain day

I hate days of pain. I am in pain today. We wont go into where and what hurts, just suffice to say, it hurts. It puts ya on edge, and it is never good to deal with teenagers when you are there. I can't tell if my trouble dealing with their antics is more because it is just tiresome or if it is the pain. It might be a little of both. I just hate being snappy. Invariably, you snap at a student that has a good reason to be doing whatever seeming intolerable act is being committed.

Alas, teachers are not allowed to be human.
I think I will call it a day a little early today and go hide in my waterbed. (like that might actually happen with kids at home ... puh-lease!)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The briefest respite

It is a short time to recharge. I have from 11:27 until 11:55 to clear my head and prepare for my afternoon classes. In that time, I must eat lunch, and prepare whatever will be on the board for 4th block. First/Second Periods and Fourth block are the same class. Third block is my second year class. They do not cover the same materials.

It isn't such a major undertaking, but some days it can be time consuming.

Then there is the added fact that 4th block is somewhat divided. My GRC students are here from 11:55 am until 1:33 pm. My Estill Co, kids arrive at 12:40 pm and stay until 2:20 pm. This makes some lessons difficult. Ideally, they would all learn at the same pace. I could extend the lesson for the EC kids and then catch the GRC students up in their early non-EC part of the class. That is what would happen, ideally. I am still looking for that ideal world.

Anyway, the day progresses. My respite is nearly over.

Later there will be time to catch you up on the news of house hunting, and kid drama, and lawsuit news, and karaoke, and Halloween parties, and all the other tidbits that make life interesting. For now, it is back to the teenagers, and electricity.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Little man day

Today is the little mans birthday. Kyle turns 10 today. It is a fact of which I have to keep reminding myself. He is so smart. He absorbs information. He has already decided he plans to be a scientist and marine biologist. He wants to work at the bottom of the ocean and in outer space. I have little doubt that he could do either.

However, every now and then, he is purely 10 year old. He comes off with the most outrageous of hypotheses. He fills the room with the strangest ideas. It takes me a minute to remember that, for all his smarts, he is still just a 10 year old kid. He has the maturity level of a 10 year old, in my opinion. His knowledge and smarts sometimes make him appear much older, but he isn't. He still loves to annoy his sister. He is still all about the birthday presents. He is still learning about responsibility for his actions. He is still struggling with the age old homework question. Do I finish my homework or go outside to play?

He still requires reassurances of love and caring. He still needs hugs and kisses. He still feels the need to tell you several times a day that he loves you. He will, left on his own, forget baths and bedtimes. He will eat the wrong things. (He is learning to cook, with assistance.)

Still, for all his smarts, for all his knowledge, he is still a much loved 10 year old boy. He needn't hurry and grow up. He needs to enjoy that part of life that will help mold and shape who he is yet to become.

God grant me the strength and wisdom to guide him right.
Happy Birthday, Kyle.
I love ya, little man.

Monday, October 24, 2005

A day off

I didn't go to work today.

I woke with the lingering throat pain that has bugged me most of the weekend. There was a report on the news about an outbreak of strep throat in three area counties. They were Fayette, Clark, and Jessamine Counties. Let's see, I live in Fayette, work in Clark, and two of my 3 kids live in Jessamine. I figured I was destined to get the strep. So, rather than take the chance that this was strep and take it to my students, I called in to work and then made a DR appt.

My DR was full, so I saw one of the other DR's in the same office. DR Brown was good and thorough. He explained, after checking my ears and nose, that colds and the flu would irritate the nostrils and make them pink to red inside. Allergies would give them a bluish tint. Mine, he said, were Wildcat Blue. So, my allergies were to blame and my lymph gland was slightly inflamed. He prescribed an antibiotic for ten days and told me to take off tomorrow as well. I declined the offer to miss work. I only missed today out of concern for the kids.

The rest of the day went well. I think I caught up on some sleep.

We will see how the rest of the week goes.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Good news

Mom is home.

Brain surgery on Wednesday, home on Saturday. While she was in the hospital, she was approached by the staff about her home. They asked if she had a husband at home and if he could care for her. The answers were 'yes' and 'no'. They asked if she wanted a home nurse to take care of her. She was emphatic in her 'no'. Dad says their daughters will be staying with her during the day. I told him that Tammy and I could come cook if needed. He told us to check the schedule.

We (Tammy, me, Chella, & Kyle) went to breakfast this morning. Well, barely morning. We went to Bob Evans (breakfast anytime). It was a good time.

The day has been slow since, which is a good thing. Tonight is a get together at Chinoe Pub. We will relax until then.
More to follow ...

Friday, October 21, 2005


the work week finally draws to it's end.

I was up last night until about 2:30, and then up this morning at 6:30. My ass has been dragging today. It wasn't a bad day, just a draggy assed one. It is about 45 minutes till the work week ends and I am ready !

Today has been much less drama filled. That could be because I have been in Winchester all day. Son-n-law and daughter were driving around the block last night, up and down the street. They borrowed money from son-n-law's dad for gas to job hunt. So much for that plan. Tammy said they were driving around this morning as well. All I can say is ... "Morons."

Tonight was to be an auction night, but I am thinking it will be a 'stay at home, truck in the drive all night' night. I only had 4 students this afternoon. Clark County was out of school today. All I had very my Estill County kids. I am already ready to hit the sack for a nap. Chris will be gone all weekend. That just leaves Chella and Kyle to contend with. I wonder how much rope I have around the house?

I am just kidding. I wouldn't tie them up. I don't need too. I have two pair or handcuffs.
We will see what the night brings.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oh the drama !!

Assessment day has arrived ...
The schools has been assessed, details forthcoming (oh joy .. For those interested .. You know who you are !)

There was an open house tonight as well. I managed to run (well, drive) home and change clothes. My coworkers and several of my students saw me in an actual button up button down shirt (peach) and a necktie. The black necktie, in typical electrician fashion, had a cord running down the length and ending up at an outlet on the bottom face of it. There were gasps of amazement and squeals of delight (at least, I think they were of delight.)

From there, it was another quick trip home, one more change of clothes, back into jeans and pullover and off to the hospital to visit Mom. She looked remarkably well considering she had brain surgery yesterday. They put in 4 metal plates (about the size of soda can tabs ... As I am told) and 16 screws costing about $10K each. I told her that I heard her head was now worth of $150K. It was a good visit. My oldest sister, Barbara, and my only brother, Richard were there. It was good to visit with them as well.
We left there about 9:30. Upon arriving home, the drama flood gates opened. There was a drunk on the porch that didn't want to leave even though he claimed he would. That was the first 911 call. (Yes, the first one.)

Then there was married kid drama which resulted in another call to 911 and officers being dispatched. Needless to say, daughter and son-in-law are not allowed back for a long while. Tammy and Chella are emotional wrecks. When things finally calmed down, after another faked 911 call, it was way late.
What a way to head into the weekend !
How was your Thursday ?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Chewing through the leather straps

What a day !!

The day was in trouble from the start. At 7:30 this morning, my mom was to have brain surgery. She has a tumor on her brain behind her eye that has been swelling. The DR removed it this morning. She is fine. The operation went great. She is in surgical ICU until tomorrow. This has added to the stress level that has already been piling up for the last few weeks.

Let me give you the short list of stress factors in my life. Some of these are just common run of the mill factors until compiled by some extenuating circumstances.

#1 ... My job is on the line. Not today. Not tomorrow. BUT, I am reminded occasionally that "we" have to get the numbers up in my enrollment of my entire program is in jeopardy. It isn't like I can go to the HS and twist a few arms and force students to take Electricity. It is a brand new program here, never offered before. The counselors don't even know how to promote or schedule it. Still yet, every now and then, I hear the 'numbers' tale (it isn't long enough to be a speech.)

One of my third block students said he heard I was leaving. I explained to them the process and that I was not quitting. They were going to have to put up with me for at least 3 years.

#2 ... Program Assessment. The state instituted a program of assessment and evaluation to answer the questions of where we might be failing to educate kids in our Area Technology Centers. All schools are going to be assessed in two years. Half will be assessed this year and half next year. We got picked for the first round because we have a new principal and we had done well in the past.

The Program Assessment is a great idea. I have no problem with that. I think, we, as teachers, must be accountable for our job. This is much different than my old field of construction electricity. In CE, there was a test every time you finished a project. It worked or it didn't. It was a pass/fail kind of test. This is a much more subjective field. Whether you are passing or failing can be interpreted either way from the exact same information. One assessor may think you are doing great, and another may look at the same data and think your program/teaching sucks.
The way the State assesses us is with a program assessment box. It consists of 21 sections consisting of 108 folders. There should be documentation of our teaching process to find a place in each of these folders.
My problem with that is ... Anyone can fake the paperwork. I know some here that do and consider the whole process a 'dog and pony show'. I do not. As a parent of school age children, I am interested in seeing that they get the best from every teacher.

That assessment is tomorrow.

#3 ... The case concerning Tammy. Her wrists hurt all the time. I don't want $30K and walk away. I want her not to be in pain. I want her to be able to sleep at night. I want her to be able to dry her hair and brush it. She will fuss because I am worrying, but that is just what she will have to do. I am going to worry, even when she tries so hard to hide how much and how often she hurts. I let her get away with her act, only because she tries so hard not to worry me. It doesn't work. I could go on and on about this, but you get the point. It hurts me when she hurts. She gets frustrated when I do things for myself that she can do for me. I can't help it.

#4 ... My 4th/5th block. I am not sure that this is a symptom or a cause. There was a blow up in class. I had the Estill Co kids working on a project this afternoon. One of the kids said she didn't feel good and didn't want to do it. I explained to her that if she didn't work on the project she would receive a zero for the day. She begrudgingly got her tools and began working slowly. Another of the students was at my desk talking to me about her situation at home. She is abused. I have talked about that before. I told her she needed to work on the project as well. She opted for the zero. That was her choice. The first student began to complain about it and her friend joined in as well.

I explained to them that what they did reflected on their grade and what she did reflected on her grade. They needed to worry about what they were doing and not what the other students were doing. This did not satisfy them. They wanted to whine about it more. I told them about real life. You can't go to work and tell your boss that you don't feel good and expect that you will get paid for doing nothing.

The first student went to the office and requested out of my class. That was fine. If she doesn't want to do the work, I would prefer that she be in a class where she isn't going to flunk. Throughout the next bit of class they still whined and complained about student 2 talking to me. Student 2 went to the office and requested out of the class so she wouldn't have to put up with the others. This brought the principal in, I explained what was happening, including my becoming somewhat defensive.

The principal called the Estill Co. School and they decided to keep the students here in my class. They can pass or flunk, but they will not be moving.

Still, I hate getting defensive. I hate the edge of losing control. I hate anger. I realize it is vital in the proper context, but anger rarely comes out in the right context. If you lose your temper, you do not have control of it any more. I didn't lose my temper, but I could have.

That situation is resolved, somewhat. Anyone not wishing to work in the shop will get a zero on their daily grade and then they will go help the maintenance guy clean up trash around the building.
One of the girls said I should 'make' the students do the work. I told them, I cannot make you work. I cannot twist your arm and make you put up electrical boxes. I can put the work out there and you can do it or not. I can put the test in front of you and you can take it or not. That grade is all the force I have. Unless ... They want me to start handing out detentions and such.

Add this to the daily stress of living, driving 20 miles each way in traffic of idiots, dealing with other morons in school, raising teenagers and a smart 9 year old (for 6 more days), concerns about finances, my kids personal problems (always shared), drama from Tommy upstairs, and the myriad of other little stress inducers, and it is a wonder I sleep at all.

Some days it just isn't worth chewing through the leather straps.

On the bright side, I am happy and head over heels in love !!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mars and Venus

Who would have thought the difference between men and women could be as simple as looking down. It is all about shoes and the attitudes thereof.

In the last couple days, Tammy and I have had several conversations about shoes (yeah, we live such exciting lives ... sex and shoes). I have discovered several vital differences between the sexes.

First, Tammy tells me she needs shoes and Payless is having a killer sale. This launches the shoe discussion. She tells me she just gave away a 'buncha' shoes. I asked her how many pairs of shoes was a bunch? She gave away 4 pairs of shoes. I then asked her how many pairs of shoes she currently had. She had 9 pairs. To this I responded, "then you have 2 bunches of shoes." NO! Apparently, shoes count differently when counting owned shoes and shoes given away. This was way past logic to me.

I had one pair of shoes that I wear for all occasions. My shoes for work will work for church or a night on the town. This weekend, I tripled the amount of shoes that I can wear for various occasions. I bought a second pair of steel-toed low top work boots and a pair of slip on tan/brown leather shoes.

On Monday, I was getting ready to leave for work with the new slip on shoes on my feet. I came out of the bedroom carrying my old faithful 'wear everyday' boots. I sat them down on the coffee table for a second to get my lunch box/bag. Tammy looked at them and asked what I wanted her to do with them. I told her that I was taking them to work with me so that if these new shoes began hurting my feet, I could switch back into something I knew I could trust to be comfortable. That is just common sense to me.

I was informed that women do not do that. They wear the new shoes. If they hurt their feet, they wear them again the second day. If they hurt their feet the second day, they never wear them again. While I can grasp the 'never wear them again' part if they don't stretch and conform to the wearer's feet, I cannot fathom wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes all day. Even teaching, I am on my feet a lot. I am not on my feet as much as when I was working in the field, but I am still on my feet a good amount of the day. I am not coming home after work, limping and complaining of blisters.

Here on Mars, we need fewer shoes and we wear them more sensibly. Today is the second day with the slip-on shoes and, while they are not as comfortable as my old shoes yet, they are not hurting my feet. This pair seems to be a working match. I guess this means that I almost have a 'buncha' shoes. Or I am at least ¾ of the way there.

Tammy says we need not talk about clothes though. I have bags of old clothes in the basement and a closet full of new ones (new being a relative term). I used to have 30 suits and I am now down to 2 suits. I still have 65 neckties after giving away 35. We won't go there on shirts.

I still retain my masculinity in the shoe department.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Back to school

My week off is over. That is laughable. I really didn't have a week off. My students had a week off. I worked all week, except half a day Friday.

After the way we spent money this weekend, it is a good thing that I did work all week. With rent, insurance, truck payment, child support, and trips to the auction, Wal-mart, Meijer, and Payless, we spent over $1250 this weekend. Who can afford days off with weekends like that.

I did get a shoe education this weekend, which I will share at a later date.

We are still getting ready for our program assessment this week, which is Thursday.

My Mom is having surgery on Wednesday to remove a tumor from her brain.

It is going to be a busy week.
Hope yours is good.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Auction results

The auction is a terrible thing. There are so many things that one might want and cheap enough to cause you to spend too much. We did pretty good, though.

We got two old (50's) wing back chairs that looked great and were sturdy and well maintained for $19 each. Tammy got a pot for cooking chili and some carnival glass pieces. We got some plates for Mom for Christmas. We still got out the door for well under $100. There wasn't enough room in the truck for everything we bought, so we will be making a trip back today.
It is a nice drive, if only gas weren't so high. It is $2.50 here. How about where you are?

Friday, October 14, 2005

Half of a Friday

It is finally Friday.

Tammy is coming to Winchester to drop off her resume'. I heard about a job at the Board of Education with the maintenance dept. It is secretary and administrative assistant to the director.

Tammy has scheduled an interview with a new lawyer on Monday. Hopefully, this one will have his balls with him. He was recommended by another lawyer that wouldn't take the case because of personal conflict, having once represented Tammy's employer and still fully believes (in spite of recent news) that they are providing a necessary service. I agree with the 'necessary service' part, but not in their way of handling it. It is their handling that has them in hot water. They acted very unprofessionally in their hiring practices, particularly in the upper decision making echelon. Some of that echelon forgot with the word 'echelon' means. It is a French word literally meaning 'a rung in a ladder'. They thought they were above reproach and removal ... and acted accordingly. Charges will be filed, I am sure.

I am taking half a day off today. I was supposed to be off all day yesterday to accompany Tammy to her IME MMI (refer to previous posts), but her ball-less lawyer pulled out because he was afraid that even with this independent evaluation, he would only get around $25K. I guess that must seem like chicken feed to him, but I have some chickens that need feeding.

Tonight we plan to go to the auction. We will see what irresistible treasures await.

Tammy says she doesn't care what we do this weekend, as long as it doesn't entail her getting out of bed before 9 AM. I am just wondering about the things we can do in bed before 9 AM and if she has any objections to those.

We went to Lonestar on Wednesday night for a monthly meeting of the kinksters club. A mutual friend there gave us a new riding crop as a gift. I am thinking that the top drawer of the night stand is getting much kinkier than we actually are ... or perhaps not. It is still filled with many unused bachelor party gifts.

Well, a staff meeting awaits ... Hi Yo Silver ... Away !!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I can see !

I can see the top of my desk !

I have been cleaning this week, along with all the other things I am doing (teaching, internship meeting, preparing for state audit of Program Assessment, meeting with curriculum director). Today, I have made a great lunge forward. I actually moved things off my desk, filed some, and (gasp) threw some things away. Those that know the real pack rat me, know this is almost unheard of.

Dad was/is a pack rat. You never throw away anything that might be used eventually in this universe or any nearby universes. As a writer, scraps of paper with scribble on them are definite no-no's. Never ever throw away paper with scribble on it. That is rule number one!

Still, after much consideration and soul searching, I managed to throw away pieces of paper with writing on them. Even now, my soul is vexed. However, the happy dance my eyes are doing over the rarely seen sight of a clean desktop is drowning out any groaning over the vexation of actually throwing things away. (I do know, that next week, I will need at least 3 of the items which were tossed today.)

Anyway ... half a day left today ... half a day tomorrow (using some comp time) .. and the weekend is upon me. I am giddy with anticipation (ok .. I lied .. I am not really giddy, but I am anticipating.)
Oh yeah, though I am sure Tammy will touch on it in her blog (if she hasn't already), the video tape is in. It shows Tammy smoking, brushing her hair (while wired to a TENS unit) and opening doors (while wearing a brace). All of these things she could do sans braces and/or electronic pain control devices, prior to her injury. It is a laughable thirteen minutes.

More to follow ...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Some good in all

I live in KY where one of the big rivalries is between the University of Kentucky Wildcats and the University of Louisville (KY) Cardinals. I have found that many of the UK fans and many of the UL fans are not really fans as much as they are haters of the other team. They can zero in on the bad things the other teams does and celebrate joyously when the other teams meets with defeat, but are generally oblivious to the good and the bad of their own (so called) team.

I have found the same to be true in politics .. There are so many Republican haters out there claiming to be Democrats and so many Democrat haters out there claiming to be Republicans, when all they do is fill the airways and blogways with anti-rhetoric. They cannot espouse the good qualities of their own (again, so called) party, because they are too busy hate-mongering the other one.

This same spirit exists on the blog of the National Democratic Party and the websites of the Republican Party.

We CANNOT fix all that is wrong in America by tearing down the opposing views of fellow Americans. If we will be defeated in the World arena, it will not be by a terrorist strike, or on the blood soaked battlefield of an enemy. It will be because we have wounded the heart of America and ripped it asunder.

Keep finding the good that we all do until we find the way to all do good.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Do you know

Do you know
How many times
In the bed
At the desk
In the truck
You have touched me
And awakened the ache?

Do you know
How many times
Just the sound of your voice
On the phone
In the next room
Or just a whisper
Has awakened the ache?

Do you know
The places
The height
The depth
The softness of your kiss

Can you know
The fire inside
That never dies
That burns my soul
That feeds the yearning

Will you know
What you see
Is the spillage
What I cannot show
What fills my heart
What overflows
When awakened?

Do you know?

Ron Simpson, Jr.
October 10, 2005

On the occasion
Of our second year anniversary

October 11, 2005

Visit me in Eddyville

For those out of state readers, Eddyville is the location of one of the several prisons in this state.

Today was the day of the state audit of our school for equipment. The Auditor has gone through my classroom and shop, searching for all the numbered items on his list. This is due to the installation of a new principal. They want to see what all she has to work with.

In my class and shop, all was accounted for except one HP printer.

When I came here in January, there was a HP printer here in my classroom that wasn't hooked to anything. It was an old old printer that was on it's last leg. The IT teacher brought me a newer HP office jet printer and told me he would just get this old broken down hunk of junk out of my way.

Well, this was when I was a brand spanking new state employee and had no idea that you didn't let folks come into your room and remove broken items and 'get them out of your way'. There is a procedure for that. It has to be accounted for. It has to be removed from the inventory. Somewhere, for every piece of equipment valued over $250 (at the time of it's purchase) there has to be a paper trail. That paper trail starts at purchase and follows the equipment wherever it goes, until it's death.

This printers paper trail ended in my classroom.
So, here I sit, with a blank "I don't have a clue" look on my face. I am sure the auditor has called the state police by now. I wonder if the Ronald Reagan defense will work here. "I have no recollection of this HP printer in question."

Otherwise, come visit me in Eddyville.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Can't resist

A major research institution has announced the discovery of the heaviest element yet know to science - "governmentium." It has 1 neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons and 111 assistant deputy neutrons for an atomic mass of 312. These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons that are further surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like sub particles called peons.

Governmentium has no electrons and is therefore inert. It can be detected however since it impedes every reaction it comes into contact with. A tiny amount of governmentium can take a reaction that normally occurs in seconds and slow it to the point where it take days.

Governmentium has a normal half life of three years. It doesn't decay but "re- organizes", a process where assistant deputy neutrons and deputy neutrons change places. This process actually causes it to grow as in the confusion some morons become neutrons, thereby forming isodopes.

This phenomenon of "moron promotion" has led to some speculation that governmentium forms whenever sufficient morons meet in concentration forming critical morass. Researches believe that in Governmentium, the more you re- organize, the morass you cover.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Too much yard


Ok, the school did something rather 'duh'. We are regulated by the schedule of GRC (the high school). Fall break begins on Monday (Saturday, according the calendar) and the 9 week grading period ended yesterday. This leaves today as a 'lame duck' day. Nothing we do today will count on the last nine weeks grade and nothing we do today will be remembered in 9 days when class resumes. So, today is a FREE day. We have made a few plans.

In my 1st and 2nd period classes (which do not change students), we had home-made pizza and a birthday cake. One of the students also brought in 2 dozen donuts. Another student brought in the movie, Longest Yard (the new one with Sandler).

3rd block ordered and had delivered, 7 pizzas. We had 4 two liters of coke ... And we watched the movie, The Longest Yard.

4th block finished off most of the pizzas and some of the cake ... and we watched, The Longest Yard.

The movie isn't a bad remake of the Burt Reynolds classic, but watching it 3 times in a row is just too much yardage.

The kids have had a blast and it was great to send them off to fall break with a smile. Good relations is an integral part of educating. I can be a hard ass (and have been at times), but that isn't the most effective use of my time. I have had the teacher/friend speech with them. I explained to them that I did want to be their friend, but I would be their teacher, and if I could only do one, I would be their teacher. That has worked. Most of the time I am their friend, but all of the time, I am their teacher.

even on days of too much yard.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I was talking to a friend this morning when she began telling me about her relationship. She is head over with her husband, but he is not a devoted. She went into some detail about the relationship, and commented on Tammy's relationship and mine. She commented on how devoted we were to one another.

I remembered someone telling me years ago about how her spouse completed her. I never really understood that before. It is like the electricity and wiring that makes it possible for you to plug up a lamp or flip a switch and the light comes on. Most people will readily tell you they know there are wires inside the wall connecting the switch and the light, and electricity runs between them, but that is the extent of their knowledge.

When I look at a switch or outlet, I see the same thing you do, but my knowledge allows me to see more. I can see, in my mind, the working of the switch, the wiring, the flow, the completed path, and so forth. Most will tell you, based on some rudimentary learning, they know how a switch works, but the internal operation is a complete mystery to them.

I have loved before. I have loved deeply. I have loved passionately. I have given in love and received in love. This dedication/devotion is different. Don't misunderstand. I am not saying, in any shape or form, that previous love relationships were lacking in any way. They were not. They were as full and wonderful (for the most part) as they could be.

The difference wasn't in my partners, but in me. Perhaps, I wasn't able to receive as fully as I am now. Perhaps, I wasn't able to give as freely as I can now. I don't know. All I do know is that I feel complete when I am with her. I feel full. I feel I am receiving all the love I can possible take. I feel it flowing over me and through me. I can feel it as it flows outward toward my love. It is a difference other people can see. Onlookers often tell us, that it is obvious how much we are in love.

It is a great unapologetic feeling.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Today is ...

MY 48th BIRTHDAY !!!!

Yipee Ti Ya Yeaaaaaaaaaa

I am proud of every year .. It took me a while to get here, and while every day hasn't been the picnic, they were still days in a journey I do not regret.

Monday, October 03, 2005

what a drag ...

unable to access one of my regularly read blogs .. from work .. bummer

Saturday, October 01, 2005


The dynamics behind siphoning (for those that have never done it) are simple. You put one end of a hose in the liquid you want to siphon and you apply suction to the other, generally with your mouth. Once the liquid is moving down the hose, whose end is lower than the liquid being siphoning, you remove the suction and allow the vacuum and weight of the liquid to keep the flow going. It is simple.

We have a similar dynamic here at the house. When we are watching movies or TV shows, Kyle, as a general rule, is not allowed to talk. His words are like a siphon. Once he starts, he cannot stop. They are connected. Every word is tied to the next one. As one escapes his mouth, the other is in the batters box ready to take it's swing, and he just can't stop the process. Most adults, know when to stop talking. Kyle, either does not possess this knowledge, or lacks the ability to stop talking, because once he starts, he cannot stop. For this reason, he is not allowed to start.

This is sometimes compounded by the sheer nonsense of what he asks or talks about. We were watching "The Incredibles". There was one scene where a wall of lava was held in check by a thin wall of glass. This created one of the rooms in the villains hideout. Kyle commented that was strange, that a thin wall of glass could hold back lava. It wasn't strange that Mr. Incredible was a superhero. It wasn't strange that his wife could stretch her body into a multiplicity of shapes and sizes. No, this was perfectly normal, but, a thin wall of glass holding back a stream of lava ... That just crosses the line.

Then there are the "repeaters". These are various lines in a movie where Kyle will arbitrarily take it upon himself to just repeat it once it has been spoken, as if we were incapable of hearing it the first time. In doing so, he obscures another line. So now, we have heard one line twice and missed another. Argh !

So, here is a tip to anyone that has the chance to watch a movie with Kyle: Invest in a ball gag.