Saturday, December 18, 2004

Pass more sweetener

Today is the day of Sierra's sweet 16 party. She won't be 16 until December 26th, but doesn't want to try to have a party the day after Christmas. Tammy was out running most of the morning. She had to pick up a few things and also pick up her mom. Carol has been looking forward to this visit. When she was here earlier in the week, she wanted to stay longer. We told her we would be back to get her today. We will also have her for Christmas Eve at my parents house.

There are teenagers and ice cream and cake here. The thrill of the ice cream and cake just doesn't offset the fact that there are more teenagers in the house. One of my friends asked if Tammy and I were going out tonight. I told him we might NEED to go out after an afternoon with this bunch.

It is funny that, while turning 16 is supposed to be a milestone, one which marks a turning toward maturity, Sierra has decided rather to return to being 2 years in maturity.
Russ, more commonly know as the F-beeping hot Russ, stopped by to wish her Happy Birthday and to flirt with Chella. Chella has a crush on Russ. If only he weren't 20 years older than her. Russ is a genuinely great guy. Since I know you will be reading this while you are at work on Monday, Russ, you need to ignore that previous line and remember that you are a real jerk. We tolerate ya because of our magnanimous charity. Love ya, big guy.
Tammy has the house smelling glorious. She is baking pumpkin pies for the Christmas Dinner at the Church tomorrow.

We will see what the rest of the day brings.

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