Sunday, December 26, 2004

Special Sunday

Today was a special Sunday.

Today is Sierra's 16th birthday.

The kids all went to Sunday morning services with us. Carol went with us as well. The service was good. My father taught the Bible lesson and did a grand job of it. The Youth of the church did a skit. It was fantastic. It involved music and sign language. There were tears a plenty.

Then the most special thing happened. Kyle was baptized. He asked me about it more than a week ago. I waited about a week and let him talk to Pastor Keaton. It was still there. It wasn't a kids whim. We spoke to Pastor K. Last week and set it up for today. When we talked about it this morning, it was still there.

He told me later that he felt great. He said he started smiling when he stepped on the stairs to go up into the baptismal tank. He hadn't stopped smiling when we talked about it hours later. We took pics to send to his dad in Florida. Everyone is excited.

We took Sierra, Jordan, and him to Cynthiana to see his grandmother and spend the afternoon and evening there. His uncle James is bringing them back home tonight. His Uncle asked him about the baptism and congratulated him. It is amazing to see the reaction of the family. The congratulations coming from the most unlikely of sources. It has been a good thing for the rest of the family as well.

Well done, Kyle. Your witness has already reached out further than you are able to comprehend. Hold on to that childlike faith.

I love ya, little dude.

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