Sunday, December 12, 2004

There was a Saturday ?

It seems I missed another day of blogging.

This is from Friday:
There is an addiction growing around here. The kids have discovered eBay. I was searching for a certain Christmas present. While searching, Kyle inquired, and I typed in 'yu gi oh'. Scores of cards came up, and he was struck. He had me bidding. He had some money he had saved and was determined to spend some of it. It killed him to be outbid. On one particular item, he waited until 10:07 pm for the bidding to close. At the last minute he was outbid. He was heartbroken.

Shortly he was cured and talking of bidding on toys on Saturday. Tammy got into it, finding a silver ring with a blue topaz for $.98 and winning that auction with said bid. She is hooked.

Now .. On to Saturday ..
I thought we were going to sleep away the day. Try as I might, I could not seem to wake up enough to make it out of bed. I did make it out of bed, eventually, by noon. The kids walked to the store to buy Christmas presents. I bid on and was surprised to win the auction of a laptop. It is to be Chelsea's Christmas present.

We went to a late lunch/early supper at Chinoe Grill with friends. That was at 3pm. Following it, we came home and there we stayed.

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