Sunday, December 19, 2004

Good Sunday.

It started early with Tammy, Kyle, Carol, and myself going to church. It was good. My father usually teaches on Sunday mornings, but this morning Pastor Pete preached since there was no service this evening. He did a great job. He preached on a "Two stick experience". Following the service there was a Christmas Lunch with all the trimmings. You know you can't beat southern church lady cooking.
There was a game after the presentation of gifts to the staff. It was a word game. The object was to make as many 3 letter or larger words out of "Star of Bethlehem" in 5 minutes. I won the game with 83 words in the time allowed. I got a cornbread pan kinda thing. It had 5 ears of corn cut into the pan for a kinda mold. It also had a jar of some jam and a bag of cornbread mix. There was a second word game in which I was not allowed to compete. I still did the game and was the fasted finisher. Go me !
Kyle asked me a serious question a week ago and, while I could answer him, I decided to let him talk to the Pastor about it. He could explain to me the reason for his request, but I wanted him to be able to explain to someone else. Therefore I knew he was serious. He did talk to the Pastor and is scheduled to be baptized on Sunday December 26th.
We got home and Tammy went to bed. She was having a sugar rush. We suspect that the unsweetened tea was not unsweetened after all. She did have a piece of fudge and a brownie, but those alone were not enough to create the rush. The kids all went to Jordan's to chill. That left Kyle and me to chill in the living room. We ebayed for a bit.
Later in the afternoon, we took Carol back to Northpoint. Then we stopped at Captain D's drive thru for supper. That took 26 minutes from order to delivery. From there it was a short drive to
Hollywood Video, where we got Hero and I, Robot.
Eventually, Tammy picked up the kids and brought them back. We watched
I, Robot. It was a good flick (My professional opinion, Russ).

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