Sunday, May 25, 2008

mucho grande apology

Yes, I do realize it has been a month since I posted. There have been some major issues that have had to be addressed and are still being addressed. Nothing relationship wise, Tammy and I are still great. There have been some issues at work. I will delve into all of that as soon as we get some things resolved there .. but ..

Here is something I wrote when I was up at 2 in the morning this morning:

A Traveler

Traveling through this oddly familiar forest
Recognizable were some of the trees and brush
Beckoned by the memorable woods
I appeared to know the direction to take
Though the path was a stranger to me
But soon the vines tried to hold me
And the underbrush tried to encumber me
I found myself lost and running

Why is it
When you aren’t sure where you are going
Getting there faster seems like a good idea?

Finally I emerged from the thickness
Into the clearing
The bluest ocean I had ever seen
Gently brushed against the greenest shoreline
Nearly at the waters edge
Was a light on a blackened mast
Reminiscent of days gone by
That seemed to shine
Brighter than light of the cloudless sky
I was draw inexorably toward it
As I got closer it appeared to brighten
There beside the light was a bench
Of wrought iron and wood
Ornate and inviting as the light
The bench welcomed me
As I sat on it
I could feel that welcome
Nearly as an embrace

I luxuriated in the warmth of the light
My every sense sought out its affection
The more I reached
The more I realized
There was no light
On that blackened post
The light was no light at all
But a bell
Blackness enveloped me
As the ringing rang out
I was bathed in the coldness
Of the sound
The ocean grew fainter
The lush shoreline faded

All that was left
Was the embrace of the bench
And the sound
Sweeping over me
Rocking me
In the darkness of sound
The cold emotionless wave
Eroded the edges of my hurt
It filled me
It covered me
It lulled me into its sleep
Possibly to dream
Or just to stop thinking
For one night

Just one night

Ron Simpson, Jr.
May 25, 2008