Monday, December 06, 2004

Talk about crazy ....

That is just crazy. Sierra went to her orientation with Waffle House. They have obviously confused themselves with a five star restaurant. According to them, wait staff employees cannot have a pierced labret or pierced tongue. If Sierra were to go to work for them she would have to remove them and they would heal over. Also, employees are charged a meal allowance whether they eat there or not. Hello ? What the heck is that about ? Add to this that they pay their wait staff only $2.30 per hour and you have the job opportunity of a lifetime (sarcasm, for those that missed the subtlety). She would also be assured that she would be working Christmas day, but if she stayed with them through next Christmas, she would get a $100 bonus. Sierra's take was that the bonus should be $1000 for putting up with their 'nonsense' (I cleaned that up for the more sensitive readers). That is just crazy.

Also, in the crazy department, I am blogging with a ball python wrapped around my neck. Tammy has gone to get a mouse for Ava. Yes, it is a hungry python around my neck. That is just crazy.

Tammy has returned with dinner for Ava. Ava and dinner have went to the terrarium. The game is afoot. The mice usually don't last long. Ava is lightning fast and I have only seen her miss one time. She made short work of this one. She is now working on swallowing it. I'll be back later. I think I hear Marlon Perkins at the door. (Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom reference for the chronologically challenged out there.) Before there was a Steve Irwin, Marlon and Jim were out there wrestling tigers and rhinos for ratings.

That is just crazy.

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