Monday, November 29, 2004

Welcome to someone else's Monday

Tammy had an odd phone call while at the grocery. It went like this:
Caller: Is this Tammy S ?
Tammy: Yes, it is.
Caller: Are you the mother of Sabrina M?
Tammy: I have a daughter named Sierra.
Caller: Oh, yes. It does say Sierra. This is Waffle house calling. We need information to insure that Sierra gets paid for the orientation she is going through right now.
Tammy: Sierra is going through orientation now?
Caller: Yes, and we want to make sure she gets paid for it.
Tammy: Sierra is about a foot and a half away from me at Kroger
Caller: She isn't at orientation?
Tammy: Not so much.
Caller: Oh my. Did no one call you this past week to tell her that she has the job and to be at orientation today?
Tammy: No.
Caller: Oh. Well, she has the job and we need her to be at orientation on Monday and Tuesday of next week.
Tammy: OK, thanks.
I certainly hope they are better at making waffles than they are at making phone calls.

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