Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Bitten by the writing bug .. Or written by the biting bug

Then I Loved You

Before I knew who I was, I wanted you.
Before I became the man you would love, I was searching.
The twin journeys of finding me and finding you,
Have brought us to this place.
Here, in this place, my heart rejoices.
Here, my soul takes flight.
Here, the vestiges of my past do not encroach.
We are not the book upon which nothing is written,
But we are the pure whiteness of a page of freshly fallen snow.
In pages passed, the past is written,
Emblazoned in bold and flourishing strokes.
There, the past shall remain.
It is covered in a field of new.
Though the wind may lick at the pages,
The weight of change prevents reprisal.
Before I became, you were hidden away in my heart.
The idea of you has always been.
You were the treasure buried beneath my bravado.
You were the dream I feared to dream.
You were the possibility
For which I was willing to risk all.
Even before I knew you, I knew you.
I loved you, and then I knew you.
I knew you, and then I loved you.


November 23, 2004

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