Friday, November 26, 2004

OMG .. Another night of singing

Four nights of karaoke (so far) this week. Tammy says we are gonna OD. We are searching the web for a 12 step program to ease us off of the karaoke teat.
There was a weird incident tonight. I sang (yeah .. like that's weird) "Brokenheartsville" by Joe Nichols. For my second choice, I decided to do "Cats in the cradle" by Harry Chapin. I made out the slip and turned it in. When I got up to sing the second song, it wasn't the song I had intended to put in. I had written down the wrong number. Instead of "Cradle", I was doing "Cold one coming on" by Montgomery/Gentry. So, I did that one. When I was finished, I kissed Tammy (one of my favorite after singing activities), and made my way to the bathroom to dispose of some of my water (All I drink at the bar). There was a guy behind me asking where the bathrooms were. I pointed it out to him and went on in. Inside, he told me that I did a good job on the song and told me he was Troy's cousin. Troy would be Troy Gentry of Montgomery/Gentry.
It was just weird that I would mistakenly write down the wrong number and end up singing a song sang by the cousin of one of the bar patrons. Anyway, that was how my night went. Tammy did great singing as well. Someone told her that she had the voice of an angel, and, oh yeah, your husband sings good too. She got tickled cuz she usually gets it the other way around. I keep telling her that she is the singer in the family.

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