Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Council without a sense of humor!

Or "It's all fun and games until someone gets an eye put out. Then it is just fun!"
OK, it was bad enough that the city in the heart of tobacco country passed a smoking ban by vote of the council without giving the citizenry a voice in the vote. Now, the city, via the offices of the mayor and city council, have threatened to file a complaint against a local radio station for an 'on the air' joke during a time slot known for it's jokes and humor.
Morning DJ's, Twitch, Mary Jane, and Kyle, were suspended the day after they aired that the city had banned smoking in cars. The story aired on Nov. 10th. The DJ's were suspended the next day and back on the air the following day. The owner of the station was to publicly apologize to the city at the city council meeting, offer a report that the story was a hoax, and give $1000 to charity.
The city said it received 875 calls because of the story, disrupting normal telephone traffic. OK, so the nail filing of city clerks had to be halted. Big deal. Get over it, Lexington mayor and city council. The 'report' was given during a comedy part of the stations morning crew.
Let's face reality. The council passed a bad ban. This bad ban was spurred on by a council member that owns several Applebee's restaurants. Smokers sit at the table longer. The move was not based on anyone's health concerns save the concerns of the health of his bank account. It wasn't the right thing to do for the right reasons. Before you begin to wonder, No, I do not smoke and I do not support the smoking ban. Over 15 candidates that ran for council in the just passed elections stated that they would vote to amend the smoking ban if elected. It is clearly a hot topic.
It is ludicrous to hold the owner to making a public apology, or issuing a formal letter incriminating himself (I am sure to be used later against him should it ever be necessary), or 'give' $1000 to charity. The mayors office and the city council have set themselves up as judge, jury, and executioner. Once again denying the citizenry (at least those that might have sat on a jury) a voice in the matter.
This is my voice in the matter.

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