Sunday, November 07, 2004

raz a fraz a braz a racker

finally .. or maybe

It seems as if my computer or my AOL or my blog have been at a disagreeable state for the last little bit. I haven't been able to bring up the 'create a post' page and therefore unable to create a post. This post may or may not make it to the blog depending on the temperamentally of the three principal components.

The last thing I was able to post was the cat poop post.

Several things have happened since then. Friday happened. Saturday happened. Sunday is currently happening. I'll try to catch ya up if you are interested.

PublishAmerica sent me an Email telling me 'they have decided to give "Journey Into Darkness" the chance it deserves'. They sent a contract for me to read, modify, negotiate, or sign. They talked about the stigma of self publishing in a prior email. I am trying to ascertain if this is correct or not.
The consideration is this: To self publish will cost me around $1500. If I self publish, my royalties are at 30%. The self publishing house that I have been talking to has told me that the book would most likely sell in the $15 to $20 range. This would make my royalties $4.50 to $6 per book (if it sold for the low end of $15). If it sells 10,000 copies, my royalties minus the original investment would be $43,500. The royalties continue at 30% regardless of the number sold. This would be $4.50 per book sold.
If I go the PA route, the royalties will be 8% on the first 2000 and then 10% of the next 8000. This will mean royalties of $14,400 on the first 10,000 books. After 10,000 books, the royalties go up to 12.5%. This would be $1.875 per book sold.
The rub is that if there is such a stigma to the self published books. Will I sell less books than if I go with PublishAmerica. How will it affect the book sales?

I have been tossing these ideas around in my head for the last few days. I am still no closer to coming to a decision than I was.

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