Friday, November 19, 2004

The Pain Is Silent

I walked away without a word
I spoke as we drove
The words came and went
To wherever words are want to go
It wells up inside me
Until I want to scream
But no matter how I open my mouth
The pain is silent

I sit and look at the paper
Mocking me with its blankness
Perhaps here the pain will speak
Still it holds its peace
There is anger and fear
They both vie for a voice
Frustration is ready to speak
Still, pain is silent

This mime of my pain
Collects pains long ignored
It courses behind my words
It will not speak directly
It prods frustration to lash out
It goads fear to grip my heart
It pulls at the hasp on angers cage
The pain itself remains silent

It makes long of short things
It makes strong of weak things
It makes present of past things
It wants to share the honed edge
It wants to destroy
It wants to steal
It wants to kill
The pain must remain silent

This is a young pain
Racing in its inexperience
It will learn in time
The usage of words
This pain will become resolve
It will lend itself to determination
On that day in its time
This pain will be silent no more

November 19, 2004

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