Sunday, November 14, 2004

Folded Dreams

Light of years, you stood time and again
Watching the stars that shimmered in the night
You oft wondered about their blinking
As if, the night were winking
Perhaps someone up there noticed
The little girl with the biggest dreams

Abruptly, reality would fly
On wings of blackest night
Spread across the evening sky
Hiding the glitter of the night
Hiding the big dreamer
From eyes that watched and winked

Reluctantly, the dreams were folded
Delicately but deliberately
Folded on lines well practiced
The dreams were returned
To the place where they lived
Somewhere between the mind and the heart

Each night you waited
Darkness would drown the fire
Quiet would overtake the sharp words
From that secret place they would come
Never contented to stay hidden long
Folded dreams

Hurriedly out of one situation
Changing rooms but not realities
Real still wore the blackest wings
Hidden often from the stars
Some dreams rose to actuality
While others stayed behind

Late, but soon enough
Desperation became strength
Strength became resolve
Resolve became reality
And the dark winged tormenter
Was pierced by a thousand stars

The little girl inside
Stands and looks at the shimmering stars
Wondering about their blinking
As if, the night is winking
Someone up there is noticing
The little girl with the biggest dreams

Ron Simpson, Jr.
November 14, 2004

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