Saturday, November 27, 2004

Better Nate than Lever

Sorry I missed blogging last night. Yes, we did do the karaoke thing for the 5th night in a row. We had fun. It was crowded but not overly crowded. Several guys wanted to take Tammy home. One girl wanted to take us both home. Alas, we do not share.

I didn't get to blog last night cuz Tammy had other ideas when we got home. Those ideas didn't involve a computer at all. So, we walked the dogs, got Carol to bed, and off we went to the bedroom. Ah, the joys and noises of no kids being home.

Tonight is the monthly meeting of another internet group to which we belong. We will be at Chinoe Pub in the private back room. They have karaoke there as well. After the meeting, we will spill out into the main bar and sing a tune or two, making it nearly a full week of karaoke. The last nearly full week of karaoke, I hope.

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