Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Jack wants out

Jack Kevorkian has petitioned for early release from prison based on the fact that he has health problems which include high blood pressure, arthritis, and a hernia. I am sure no one needs reminding that he is there for 2nd degree murder. He publicly, after being cited and warned numerous times, assisted a patient with Lou Gerhigs disease in committing suicide. He video taped this and it was shown on national television.
He broke the law. Whether you agree with the law or not doesn't really matter. He broke the law. He not only broke the law but he rubbed the law's nose in it when he video taped it and allowed it to be aired nationally. It were as if he was saying, "Here is what I think of you and your laws."
Now, from behind bars, after serving 5½ years of his 10 to 25 year sentence, he is requesting that his sentence be commuted. He further agrees to not kill anyone else if he is released. Russ Marlan, a spokesman for the state Department of Corrections, said the department had not yet received Kevorkian's request. But he said medical commutations are normally granted only for inmates expected to live a year or less. ''We have plenty of prisoners that have cataracts and arthritis, but that doesn't mean they should be granted a commutation,'' Marlan said. ''They're only granted for offenders that have little chance of surviving very much longer.''
I have a solution. Hey Jack. Commit suicide. It was such a good idea when you were doing it to others. Just buddy up to the guy that handles the lethal injections and see if he can't slip ya some suicide drugs. C'mon Jack. It can't be that difficult. You used to help others do it all the time.
The scary part of this is that there was a poll online about whether or not one thought that Jack should be released early. Of the 41,278 that took the poll, 72% voted that he should be released early. Hey, does Manson get a vote ?
Baretta, a TV cop from the 80's, used to say, "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime."

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