Sunday, November 14, 2004

Waving good-bye

It was so sweet to wave good-bye as we drove away.

Yesterday, they came. Three of the four grandkids came to visit Papaw and Tammy. They came to spend the night.

Chris (5) has to talk all the time or he will just explode. He will ask you a question and repeat it 3 times before you have a chance to answer it. He has a high level of curiosity which causes him to think he needs to pick up and examine everything. Of course, the fact that his momma spoils him doesn't help either. I know he knows the word 'no', and he knows what it means, but he isn't real keen on the applications of the word. It is the most often used word around him.

Kody (just turned 4) is delightful. He is calmer than Chris. That isn't to say that he can't be a mischievous imp when he wants to be. He can follow the example of Chris sometimes with the questions.

Kyleigh-bug (2) is a sweetie. She was scared of Malcolm at first. She cried whenever he came near. It is kinda understandable. She weighs about 25 pounds (guessing) and he weighs about 80 pounds. Standing flat footed on the ground, his face is even with hers. He is pretty intimidating to a kid. Add to that all the noises that he makes and the teeth, and you have one scary creature. By this morning though, he could get close and she didn't cry. She learned to say, "no, Malcolm," quite well.
They ate supper with us, watched movies, and played outside with the kids. This morning we got them up and dressed and took them to Sunday School with us. Chris went back to a class eventually (when he heard there were cookies involved). Kody would not be daunted by the cookie report. He was staying with papaw no matter what. Kyleigh stayed with us as well. After the morning service, Kody counted his birthday pennies and got a present from the church.

Then came the good part. We headed the Bravada out 27, towards Nicholasville. It was time to wave good-bye to the grandkids. Don't get me wrong. I love 'em. All I can say is that the good Lord knew what he was doing when he gave us a desire to have children in our youth. Truth be known though, I would rather worry about a 6 year old in the first grade than my 17 year old out there driving on the streets. However, life is about loving someone enough to worry.

Home for a short stop and then there are things to deliver and places to go and people to see.

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