Thursday, November 18, 2004

Reviving an oldie

I was recently reading my old AOL Journal that I had before finding blogspot. There were some interesting things there. Below is the original launching article for that journal .. Hope you enjoy
I was riding around a few nights ago with the wife (taking home another stranded friend of the kids .. They can always find ways to the house .. But .. ya know) when the conversation turned to the subject of thongs. I noted that I just didn't get the whole thong sensation. She proceeded to tell me just how 'comfy' they are and how that men (myself included) seem to like them a lot.
Well, I told her that I didn't need to understand everything that I enjoyed. I was still perplexed. However, about the whole comfort thing. YEAH, yank a rope up between my butt cheeks and let me walk around all day and talk about how comfy it is .. NOT !!!We had thongs back when I was in grade school. They were called WEDGIES. I can never recall ever turning to the twerp that just yanked my underwear up over my shoulders and saying, "Thanks. You wouldn't believe how 'comfy' that is. Can you meet me here tomorrow at the same time to firmly implant my underwear into my crack again? I just can't quite get it just right when I try it at home."
So .. You ladies can keep wearing yer butt floss, and we will keep enjoying .. perplexed .. but enjoying

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