Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday smile

I have my Friday smile on my face.

It isn't a 'hate my job' smile. I love my job. I will love it even more when I have a book from which to teach, and some training in the teaching skills (National Teachers Institute class scheduled for June 13th).

I love working with the kids (even if some do try my patience). I enjoy their energy. I soak it up all days to supplement mine. It amazes me that some only feel the drain of teaching. I feel the energy. It gives me great hope to see some of the kids and their zeal to make a good life. Mind ya, most are still kids with kid things in mind. Some are still immature and unable to control themselves fully. They can't seem to help their actions.

I had one student hand his camera phone to another student, quickly lower his pants, and the second student took his picture. It was all over in 5 seconds. I could have overreacted and created a difficult time both students. I made a decision to confiscate the phone. I gave it back after class. Interestingly enough, the phone owner's mom was in the building today and spoke with me. I told her of the situation. I told her that it was kids being kids (OKAY .. A little more than that .. but ..).

BUT .. It is Friday. It is sing night. It is 'night before the sleep in' day. Here is my Friday smile