Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Just something I was working on

Without one word

Raging like a river
swelled from Spring rains
railing against the banks
filled with failure to contain

Your shouts of silence
forcing themselves
through my heart
this unvoiced anguish
drives through my veins

Just a word
to slow the swell
silence knows no compassion
and amplifies
my growing pains

My heart and soul
washed under in the dark
drowning in this vast expanse
the hardest sound of all
a lover's silent refrain

Ron Simpson, Jr.
April 12, 2005

1 comment:

TammyJ said...

Whew.. If I didn't know where that came from I would be worried about you.. be sure and add a disclaimer when you send this one out to friends.. and as for yesterday's post..you show me every day..