Monday, April 25, 2005

Welcome back to the work week

Today I had to remind one of my more rambunctious blocks that, while I did desire to be their friend, I was determined to be their teacher. If I could only do one of those things, teacher was going to be the winner.

One of the other blocks got the favor speech. The soft drink machines are locked in a 'no sale' status during classes. I have a key which will unlock this feature and allow sodas to be sold. They always want to go to this soft drink machine (Which is sometimes left on accidentally) and buy sodas to drink during class. I, personally, have no problem with the students drinking soda during the time we are working in the shop. I told them today that I was doing them a favor by unlocking the machine. I expected favors in return. I explained that their recent behavior was no favor. I told them I didn't give a rats ass if they liked me or not, but I was going to be the teacher in the class.

We are trying to catch the classes up. Some were here during the CATS testing and some weren't. Therefore, I have students that have taken tests and students that need to take the test. What I am doing is allowing the students that have already taken the test to retake it to try to get a better grade (good news for the couple that got 9% on the last test). So far, many have taken advantage of this offer and improved their scores.

We are in the final block of the day now and Travis Jones drones on. Travis Jones is the narrator for this series of DVD's. The guys think he is a little light in the britches.

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