Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dragging every last minute out ..

weekends come and go so quickly, it seems. This one has not been any exception.

Today just zipped as it seemed to pick up speed once it started that downhill surge. We lazed around for some of it, which was a good thing. Tammy and I went to a gathering at the National Association of Letter Carriers union hall. We were there to talk with and to listen to Congressman Ben Chandler. Ben is the Congressman of the sixth district of central Kentucky. (an interesting sidebar, Ben and I used to play ping-pong during lunch in high school. While he did not remember me personally, he did remember the ping-pong games during lunch.) It was a good time.
We are now having a good time with Chella (who has fallen victim to the invasion of the body snatchers) doing homework from school about the Bible. She thinks that 20 years as an ordained minister might help.

The body snatchers thing ... About 2 months ago, Chella went through some kind of transformation from a lazy teenager to a 'help any way I can' teenager. Mind you, we are not complaining. We are just looking for what caused it so we can spray it on the rest of the kids. The pup (which does understand that he can poop outside but doesn't grasp the idea that it is the only place he should poop,) can lay a pile in the hallway to the front door. They will step over it 4 of 5 times as they go in and out and it never crosses their minds to clean it up. We won't even go there with their rooms. OMGosh. It is scary. Tonight ... We are having a family meeting and this is going to change or other things are going to change. The TV can go. The friends can go. The boyfriend/fiance can go. Enough is enough.

I fixed supper tonight. It felt good to be in the kitchen. I miss cooking. Tammy usually has supper started when I get in from work. I had to tell her this weekend that I was gonna cook so that I could get in there before her. I saute'ed onions and red peppers in butter and then carmelized them in balsamic vinegar. Then I covered thick pork chops with that and sprinkled garlic over it all and baked. I fixed green beans and thin sliced potatoes in Italian salad dressing. I also (much to the delight of Kyle) fixed my garlic biscuits. I put the biscuits in a casserole dish and pour melted butter and garlic over it and bake them. It turned out good.

Tammy says I am the better cook. I says she is the better cook. The only arguing we do about cooking is about who GETS to cook, not who HAS to cook.

Well, family meeting time. Y'all have a good rest of the weekend.

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