Saturday, April 23, 2005

On your mark .. Get ......

GO !!!!

What a busy Saturday. We were on the go most of the day and most of the evening. We were in Winchester, we were in Lexington, we were in Georgetown, we were back in Lexington. We were at school, we were at Sam's Club, we were at a party, we were at a dinner, we were at a board meeting, we were at a group meeting, and we managed to sing a little karaoke.

For all of it's running, it was still a good day. The only thing that was out of place was the snow. We were driving home from the karaoke thing when suddenly the air was filled with flying falling snow. It was great. We stopped at Thornton's close to the house so Tammy could get some cigs and while waiting for her, I lowered my window and hers so that the snow would blow through the truck. It was great.

Now it is time to cuddle in the warm waterbed. Later all.

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