Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Clearing my good name

Kyle came to school with me today. It has been a good day. He does claim, in his blog, that I hit him in the head with a piece of pipe. First, it was a piece of conduit. Second, it didn't really hit him. It grazed him. Just kidding. He moved as I turned and his head and the conduit lightly connected.

I had a couple students that missed yesterday and missed the quiz. Kyle sat with them in the blocks they were in, and gave them the test after they finished the video. He decided that he was the official test giver.

He says he has had a good time. I will know more tomorrow after he has told Tammy about his day.

The auto shop is working on Tammy's Lincoln. They are redoing the front brakes. It needed pads and calipers, so it seems. The old calipers were frozen, hence, the bad brakes. Tammy drove it for the first time in several weeks, a few days ago, and immediately noticed the brake problem. Jordan has been driving it for the last few weeks and he wouldn't know if it disintegrated under him.

the day is coming to a school end.

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