Thursday, April 07, 2005

Putting off the sex story ...

I was reading a great story in the news with a compelling reason to increase your frequency of sex. I was all ready to blog on it, when something else popped into my head. This something else seems like it is going to take precedence. Remind me later to tell you why you should increase your sexcapades. For now, however, here is the latest from the jumble in my brain:

Why is it that those with a crappy attitude feel compelled to share their attitude until everyone is on the same page?

There is a guy here at work that has a crappy attitude. He is a fellow teacher. He has been teaching here for about 8 years, as near as I can tell by his conversations. He has settled in to his 'devil may care' attitude. He figures that only 2 students per class will make anything of themselves. He tries repeatedly to convince me of the same. He tells me that I will only reach about 10% of my students, "If I am lucky." He assures me that I will lose my enthusiasm. He is positive that I will make my way to his level.

When 3:30 rolls around, he is ready to run out the door, but wants to make sure he takes everyone else with him so that he is not the only one leaving on time. He wants everyone to go with him. If you don't go with him, he goads or tries to browbeat you into feeling like you shouldn't give the state that extra 10 to 15 minutes. I do not give the state that time. That time, I am giving to my students.

He was telling Tammy that I would lose my energy eventually. I think Tammy would have decked him, but she was kind to him. She assured him that she was confident that I would have this energy for years to come. He is trying to bring everyone down to the level he is on, so that he doesn't appear to be so low.

I, for one, will not share his crappy attitude. I will be who I am until I am not. I will teach all my students with all I have.

Take my cheery attitude and choke on it , buster !!

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TammyJ said...

I adore your cheerful attitude.. I adore the energy that you have.. you need most of it to keep up with you energizer bunny wife I know that.. and you do a fine job of it.. I love you..