Saturday, April 16, 2005

Perpetuating the rumors

Last night, we went out to karaoke. Tammy's best friend (L) went with us. She was here when I got in from work and crashed here last night. Here is the fun rumor perpetuating part ...

It seems several of our friends have this strange idea that we are swingers.

While it is true that we are involved in a BDSM group in more than a casual way, we are not the typical persons ideal of a member of said groups. Most people, mistakenly, think that everyone in such groups are promiscuous. This is not the case. Most of my friends in the group are involved in monogamous relationships. While they do not share society's preprogrammed embarrassment about nudity, they do have some old fashion ideas when it comes to the sanctity of a relationship. We embrace the exhibitionist and voyeur in all of us. I accept that some of my friends operate in a different idea of what a marriage consists of or doesn't consist of.

Anyway, back the rumor perpetuation ... L was at the house and was trying on clothes with Tammy. I was in the bedroom on the floor playing solitaire on the computer in that room. At one point, I looked up, and there were two nearly naked to naked ladies in my field of vision. This didn't bother me, nor did it bother Tammy. She knows where my heart lives. Part of the clothes thing was to decide what L was going to be wearing when I took pictures of her the next day (today). When the clothes changing event was done, we prepared to go out.

we had a great time out singing. When we got to Todd's, we met several members of the BDSM group to which we belong. There was also friends of the LexChat group to which we belong. Also, there were friends from other places, and RUSS. At one point in the evening, a patron of the bar, upon hearing that the handcuffs on the mirror of the black truck were mine, and that Tammy was my wife, and that I was the guy on the floor around the two naked women, decided that he wanted to be me when he grew up. It was a great laugh.

We left Todd's around 11:30 and headed home. L slept in the waterbed with us. She was on the left, Tammy was in the middle, and I was on the right. All that occurred overnight was sleeping. (Cover your eyes, Russ) Now, in the morning, after L departed to 'give us time alone', sleeping did not occur.

The day progressed. I took Tammy and L out for breakfast/lunch at Cracker barrel. When we returned home, the photo shoot was on. I took over 60 shots of L. Most came out pretty good. At one point, I was 'fluffing up' L's boob to make it fill the top and overflow just a bit, when Sierra walked in. The look on her face was priceless.

Tammy took L home and while she was out, Chas and Chris came over with Ian. They were going to the movies and we were babysitting. Ian is becoming such a card. He walked everywhere. He giggled. He laughed. He cried. He ate sliders.

It is time to retire ...

Keep the rumors alive.

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