Thursday, April 21, 2005


While some classrooms are not available on the hill, the students that are testing in the afternoon are here in the ATC. They have been mostly in Harriet's room. Today, there was an overflow. I have about 25 students in my classroom. Most are watching 'Napoleon Dynamite'. There are 4 guys that have hooked their PS2 up to one of the extra TV's and are playing a football game. There are donuts and drinks.

Yesterday, I have my regular morning class in the afternoon. They were completely unfocused. We watched a DVD on service entrance and took a quiz. The high score was 57%. One student pulled off a 9%. This testing pulls them completely out of their routine. I never fully realized the importance of a routine for kids like I do today.

This afternoon, I have my afternoon class. They will still be unfocused, as their morning has been completely out of the normal routine.

Ah, the life of a teacher ...

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